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Horseshoe Bay man donating most of his liver to save mom’s life

Cindy Reid and Dylan Longoria

Dylan Longoria with his mother, Cindy Reid, after she underwent a liver splint surgery earlier in 2023. Longoria is donating most of his liver to his mom on Oct. 24 to save her life. Photo courtesy of Dylan Longoria

Twenty-four-year-old Dylan Longoria of Horseshoe Bay is donating 67 percent of his liver to his mother, Cindy Reid, to save her life. The two are scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, Oct. 24, at University Hospital in San Antonio. 

“It’s the least I can do,” Longoria told “My mom has done so much for me. She raised me; the least I can do is save her life.”

Reid started suffering from liver failure in 2021 due to cirrhosis, or severe scarring. After a near-death scare that year, Longoria moved his mother into his Horseshoe Bay home and became her primary caretaker. 

As her condition worsened, Longoria decided to go one major step further to save her and help her attain a better quality of life. The mother and son will be in recovery for up to 12 weeks after the surgery, but both should have relatively normal lives once they have healed.

The young man moved to Horseshoe Bay in 2021 after graduating from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Austin. He works as a personal chef but will have to take a break for the vast majority of his recovery.

He began a fundraising campaign to help cover necessities such as rent, food, and fuel while he is out of work. Longoria is the sole source of income for himself and his mother. You can help by donating on a GoFundMe page set up for post-surgery needs.

“All of the help is needed,” Longoria said. “All of the help is super appreciated.”