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Horseshoe Bay Resort revokes mayoral candidate’s membership over POA problems

Horseshoe Bay Resort and Donald Beeman

Horseshoe Bay Property Owners’ Association president and mayoral candidate Donald Beeman had his membership revoked from Horseshoe Bay Resort amid a host of allegations made by resort ownership against the POA. Staff photos by Nathan Bush

Horseshoe Bay Resort owner Jordan Jaffe revoked the membership of Horseshoe Bay Property Owners’ Association president and mayoral candidate Donald Beeman, along with the memberships of several POA board members. All of the board’s members have been banned from resort facilities, according to a 500-word email sent by Jaffe on Oct. 6 to Horseshoe Bay residents.

The email, obtained by, includes claims that Beeman and the Horseshoe Bay POA board, which oversees the largest property owners’ association in the city, have failed to maintain streets, pay appropriate dues, or follow quality standards outlined in its charter’s bylaws. Other accusations include alleged financial misdeeds.

“The Declarant has a duty to ensure HSB POA abides by the obligations outlined in the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions,” Jaffe wrote. “Any deviation from these obligations by the HSB POA Board cannot be ignored, and appropriate legal action will be taken.”

Beeman and the rest of the board were banned from using any resort amenities with the release of the email. 

“It is essential for our community to understand these actions against the HSB POA Board were necessary to protect our common interests and preserve the community we all hold dear,” Jaffe wrote.

Jaffe specifically alleged that the board has refused to maintain streets within its POA.

“It was made very apparent during (meetings) that the POA board had no interest in abiding by or adhering to the bylaws of their charter,” he wrote. “As such, the Resort has been forced to incur the financial burden of this maintenance despite the Association’s threats to cut funding and/or ignore its obligations to maintain these areas to a similar standard.”

The ban from resort amenities does not extend to “town hall meetings, political events, or similar gatherings,” meaning Beeman will be able to attend a previously scheduled candidate forum in the resort ballroom on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

“I will be there,” he confirmed with

Beeman declined to answer any specific allegation listed by Jaffe when asked. 

“What he has stated has been defamation, but that’s another issue for another time,” he said.

The embattled mayoral candidate explained that more will be revealed at a monthly meeting of the Horseshoe Bay POA on Oct. 18 at 9 a.m. at Quail Point Lodge, 107 Twilight Lane.

“That will be where we address these issues,” he said. “That’s the right place and the right time.”

This is not the first controversy to erupt in the race for Horseshoe Bay mayor. Beeman is running against Mayor Pro-tem Elsie Thurman to replace outgoing Mayor Cynthia Clinesmith. Beeman took out a full-page ad in a local newspaper in response to an email he said the city sent to residents with “disparaging and defaming misinformation” about his campaign

4 thoughts on “Horseshoe Bay Resort revokes mayoral candidate’s membership over POA problems

  1. Rodduc takes Jaffe’s position uncritically to conclude a hard “no”.

    No need to be hasty. Let’s see what comes to light.

    I will confess my initial reaction was political persecution against Beeman by “the powers that be” in the form of Jaffe and that upsetting the powers that be may be in the best interests of the rest of us.

    Let’s see what comes to light. Election is not until November.

  2. Beeman is ruffling some feathers and I’d like to know why, other than what jaffe is putting out. Follow the money where these collected fees are going. All of Horseshoe Bay pays them, not only Horseshoe Bay proper and Horseshoe Bay West. I’ll wait for the meeting on October 18th before making any decisions.

  3. I wish you would specifically exclude the POA staff from your comments. Please limit your comments to FACTS about the POA BOARD. The POA staff works diligently, as directed, to protect all property owners and their properties – both community and individual.

  4. Sounds like Beeman is getting in people’s bonnets! Get it? Bees in your bonnet? LOL

    Seriously though – do we want Beeman as Mayor when he can’t run an effective POA? If it’s gotten to this point then he’s not really trying to achieve results, he’s simply being belligerent and doubling down on his attitude. He’s a hard “no” for me.

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