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NEW BIZ: One Inman’s BBQ closes, another opens in Marble Falls

Inman’s Kitchen Bar-B-Q coming to Marble Falls

Inman’s Kitchen Bar-B-Q in Llano is opening a second location at 707 Sixth St. in Marble Falls, the former location of Inman’s Ranch House Bar-B-Q, which closed its doors on July 6. Staff photo by Nathan Bush

Inman’s Kitchen Bar-B-Q, a Llano eatery since 1967, is opening a second location in Marble Falls at 707 Sixth St. It plans to start serving food in October.

The restaurant is taking over the former location of Inman’s Ranch House Bar-B-Q, which closed on July 6 after almost 60 years. 

The two eateries have a connection.

Brothers Francis and Lester Inman started selling turkey sausage — a family recipe — from a catering wagon outside an Exxon station in Llano. Together, they opened Inman’s Ranch House in Marble Falls in 1964. 

Three years later, Lester opened a second barbecue spot in Llano, Inman’s Kitchen and Catering, with Myrtle Oestreich.

After Lester’s death in 1988, nephew Billy Inman bought the remaining stake in Inman’s Ranch House Bar-B-Q in Marble Falls, while Oestreich’s husband, Horace, bought Lester’s stake in Inman’s Kitchen Bar-B-Q in Llano. 

The Oestreiches will now own both locations. 

Before it reopens in October, the Marble Falls restaurant will be remodeled. Plans include busting down walls to open up the space, adding air conditioning, and modernizing service.

“It will be our stuff as opposed to what was there,” General Manager Grant Morgan said. “There will obviously be barbecue, but there will be a lot more menu options.”

Once complete, the restaurant will dish out turkey sausage, beef brisket, pork ribs, ham, turkey breast, and smoked pork tenderloin along with homemade trimmings, bread, and pies.

“We’re looking forward to serving the community of Marble Falls, expanding our business, and becoming an asset to the community,” Morgan said.

1 thought on “NEW BIZ: One Inman’s BBQ closes, another opens in Marble Falls

  1. Great news! Remodeling = greater news!! Air conditioning = the best news!!!
    Additional parking would be good as well.
    Frankly – it was dated, old-fashioned and not fun to go to, especially in this heat. Let’s hope the BBQ is just as good or better than it was!
    We do need good BBQ in Marble Falls. Llano has us beat 4 times over.

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