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Marble Falls Fire Rescue badges pinned

Marble Falls Fire Rescue's Coy Guenter

Assistant Fire Chief Coy Guenter was one of six firefighters with Marble Falls Fire Rescue to receive a new badge during a promotion ceremony on June 27. Courtesy photo/staff photo by Nathan Bush

Six recently promoted Marble Falls Fire Rescue members officially received their new badges during a ceremony on Tuesday, June 27. 

The event highlighted the department’s commitment to advancing the careers of its staff while simultaneously making the community safer, said Fire Chief Tommy Crane, who was named the new chief earlier in June and got his badge during the ceremony.

“We believe in getting everyone ready for the next level,” he said. “It’s important they get the tools they need to succeed. By doing that, we’re also strengthening our organization’s ability to serve the city.”

Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Marshal Coy Guenter officially became the permanent second-in-command at the station after serving in an interim capacity for nearly three months.

“One thing about Coy is he’s been here the longest,” Crane said. “He’s been here for almost 25 years. His leadership and knowledge of Marble Falls is a tremendous help, not only to myself but the entire organization.”

Crane said firefighters at the station refer to Guenter as “Mr. Marble Falls.”

“Everybody here in this organization respects him,” he said. “They know the time he’s put in here. He’s earned that position.”

In the new role, Guenter oversees administrative operations for the department and conducts code inspections as fire marshal.

“He has complete authority when I’m not here,” Crane said.

Crane believes Guenter’s communication skills will benefit him as fire marshal.

“You have to be outgoing, you have to listen to people,” he said. “Coy has that skill.”

Captains Jeff Beltran and Randy Rankin also received their badges on Tuesday.

“Jeff and Randy are two outstanding leaders in the organization,” Crane said. “They have earned the respect of everybody within the organization.”

As captains, the pair handles day-to-day operations at the station.

“Captains are in control of the station shift that’s on duty that day,” Crane said. “On all scenes, they take command. They direct personnel on the scene unless a senior officer, myself or Coy, shows up. If it’s something like a working structure fire, we’ll take command and they’ll move to an operation position.”

Firefighters Jordan Thomas and Justin Parks received their apparatus engineer badges.

“They’re in charge of the apparatus, 100 percent,” Crane said. “Everything on it, getting you (to the scene), and pumping it if you’ve got a fire. That’s their primary job.”

Crane was promoted to fire chief during a Marble Falls City Council meeting on June 6.

“It’s truly an honor to oversee this department,” he said. “I have the best staff. I don’t have to worry if I’m not here because everybody has the same philosophy and culture here.”