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Kingsland School holds first graduation

Kingsland School's 2023 valedictorian Emily Winger (right) and salutatorian Harley Schreiber

Kingsland School's 2023 valedictorian Emily Winger (right) and salutatorian Harley Schreiber were part of the public charter school's first-ever graduating class. Photo courtesy of Orenda Public Charter School District

Kingsland School had its first-ever commencement ceremony on May 25. The small public charter school has been in operation since 2016, and many of Thursday night’s graduates were with it from the beginning.

The open-enrollment campus at 2112 RR 1431 West in Kingsland was started as an alternative to the public school districts in Burnet and Llano counties. It serves grades K-12. Many of its 125 total students are from Kingsland; others are from across the Highland Lakes.

Kingsland School’s Class of 2023 was made up of eight seniors, many of whom started attending the school in the sixth grade. Emily Winger of Buchanan Dam was its first valedictorian and Harley Schreiber of Kingsland the first salutatorian.

“It was a bittersweet moment for staff members that have seen these kids grow up,” said Adam J. Price, director of Community Relations and Development for the Orenda Public Charter School District. “But it is great to see something come to fruition.”

Kingsland School is part of the Orenda Public Charter School District, which is not bound by geography like a typical independent school district.

The school recently completed an expansion project that will allow for a larger student population, Price told

“(This graduation) is definitely just the beginning of what’s in store for Kingsland if local parents continue to express a desire for another schooling option,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Kingsland School holds first graduation

  1. what a wonderful story. I don’t understand what a public charter school is. Can someone help me understand the financial support of such?

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