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Pre-teens leap into action to save baby from Backbone Creek

Reagan Feller and Wendy Maples

Eleven-year-old Reagan Feller (left) and 10-year-old Wendy Maples, both of Marble Falls, rescued an infant in a stroller from Backbone Creek in Johnson Park on May 20. Courtesy photo

Eleven-year-old Reagan Feller and 10-year-old Wendy Maples, both of Marble Falls, did not hesitate to help save a baby from Backbone Creek in Marble Falls’ Johnson Park on May 20.

Maples’ dad, Mike, witnessed the scene from the banks of the creek, which winds through the park and empties into Lake Marble Falls.

“There was a lady that had a 2-year-old and an infant,” Mike said. “She got the 2-year-old out of the car, but she forgot to lock the wheels (of the infant’s stroller), and that freaking stroller went off the cement (near the dog park) and flipped in.”

The Marble Falls Fire Department and Marble Falls Area EMS both responded to emergency calls. According to Johnny Campbell, executive director of the EMS, the baby was transported to a nearby hospital and determined to be healthy with no injuries. 

The two best friends leaped into action after Mike directed the pair to aid the mother as she scrambled to save her child.

“I saw it, and I told my daughter and her friend, ‘Run! Run over there!’ because they had to run across a bridge to get over there,” Mike said.

After racing to the creek’s shores, the girls waded in and helped bring the baby to safety.

“Those two little girls ran over there and got into that dirty water and helped pull the baby out of there,” Mike said. “The mom was still in the water, too, trying to help get that baby out because it was still in the car seat part of the stroller.”

The infant’s fate could have been much worse if not for the fast-acting girls, Mike said.

“I mean, the baby went into the lake,” he said. “(The girls) had no qualms about jumping into that water.”

The rescued baby appeared fine after warming up.

“She was just turning a little blue because of the cold water,” Mike said.

The proud father said the pair showed courage and bravery with their actions.

“They didn’t hesitate,” he said. “I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

1 thought on “Pre-teens leap into action to save baby from Backbone Creek

  1. What a great ending to what could have been a terrible disaster. Hooray for those young girls who took quick action. They are heroines!

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