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Spicewood Fire Rescue welcoming new engine with ‘push-in’ ceremony

Spicewood Fire Rescue engine

Spicewood Fire Rescue firefighters pose for a photo with their new fire engine. The department has waited nearly a year for the engine to be delivered and will hold a traditional 'push-in' ceremony for the community on Saturday, May 20, at the fire station. Photo courtesy of Spicewood Fire Rescue

Spicewood Fire Rescue and Emergency Services District No. 9 are sharing their new fire engine with the community during a “push-in” ceremony from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, May 20, at 9805 Texas 71 in Spicewood. Residents are invited to celebrate with refreshments, games, a raffle, and tours of the fire station.

The push-in ceremony is a tradition with roots in the 19th century, when old firefighting wagons had to be pushed back into fire houses by hand. It is now done as a symbolic gesture to welcome new engines. 

The push-in will be at 2:30 p.m. with a wet-down of the truck and firefighters pushing the engine into the docking bay.

The 2022 Pierce Enforcer Pumper was ordered in 2022 to improve ESD No. 9’s firefighting capabilities, according to Fire Chief Lark Comacho. This particular engine is a reminder of the late Spicewood Fire Chief and Marble Falls Fire Capt. Sam Stacks, who initiated its purchase of the engine and laid the groundwork for long-term upgrades to the district.

“The present fire engine is over 15 years old and beginning to have ongoing repair and maintenance issues,” explained Comacho in a media release issued by Spicewood Fire Rescue. “With this new engine, our team of volunteer and paid firefighters can feel safe and confident responding to calls in the Spicewood and surrounding areas.”

The purchase of the new engine was approved by ESD No. 9 commissioners in August 2022. The older engine will remain in service as a secondary unit. 

“It’s been 10 years since voters approved the creation of Emergency Services District No. 9,” said district President Curtis Raetz. “Over the last decade, with the support of the community, we have built an emergency medical services station, added 24-7 paramedic response, established a fire code for the district, renovated the fire hall with quarters for paid firefighters to work overnight shifts, dramatically improved our response times, and upgraded our equipment. With the financial backing of our taxpayers, and responsible fiscal management, we believe Spicewood Fire Rescue and Burnet County ESD No. 9 will be able to support the many challenges that come with an increasing population and continued development.”