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Lakeside beach closed for work

Lakeside Park beach work in Marble Falls, Texas

The beach at Lakeside Park in Marble Falls will be closed May 11-25 as crews add sand and demolish the sidewalk by the wading pools (not the sidewalk pictured). Staff photo by Nathan Bush

The beach at Lakeside Park will be closed May 11-25 as the city expands its footprint. Plans include adding more sand and demolishing the sidewalk by the wading pools to increase space.

The improvements are part of a mid-year budget amendment passed by the Marble Falls City Council on April 18. During the meeting, councilors approved an additional $150,000 of funding for the parks department to complete the renovations.

6 thoughts on “Lakeside beach closed for work

  1. Please fill those nasty ponds with sand and leave everything else alone.

  2. Please put the sand in those nasty ponds and leave everything else alone?

  3. Demolish the sidewalk which was just built but leave the wading pools which are never clean? Who exactly makes these decisions? Wading pools next to a lake. What an idea! 😐

  4. Why not get rid of the wading pools that stay pretty gross, add some grass, and keep at least a bit of the sidewalk width?

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