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Marble Falls, Burnet, Granite Shoals, Cottonwood Shores, and Llano all have new mayors and two of three Llano school bond issues were approved by voters in local elections on Saturday, May 6. 

Results are unofficial until certified by each of the governing bodies in the coming weeks. 

The winners of each election are listed below. 


Marble Falls Independent School District 

  • Trustee Place 3: Incumbent Mandy McCary wins 793 votes to Brett Carter’s 468 votes
  • Trustee Place 2: Crystal A. Tubig, unopposed
  • Trustee Place 4: Larry Berkman, unopposed

Burnet Consolidated Independent School District

  • Trustee Place 3: Incumbent Suzanne Brown wins 425 votes to Mike Clark’s 282 votes
  • Trustee Place 7: Mark Kincaid, unopposed

Marble Falls City Council

  • Mayor: Dave Rhodes wins 226 votes to incumbent Richard Westerman’s 224 votes
  • Place 2 (open seat): Karlee Cauble wins 237 votes to John Davis’ 156 votes
  • Place 4: Incumbent Bryan G. Walker wins 249 votes to Rene Rosales Sr.’s 153 votes
  • Place 6: Craig Magerkurth, unopposed

Granite Shoals City Council

  • Mayor: Kiel Arnone wins 221 votes to James B. Davant’s 200 votes
  • Place 1: Ron Munos wins 224 votes to Roman V. Archer’s 174 votes
  • Place 2: Kevin Flack, unopposed
  • Place 3: Judy N. Salvaggio, unopposed
  • Place 5: Michael Berg, unopposed

Burnet City Council

  • Mayor: Gary Wideman, unopposed
  • Three council seats (four candidates): Tres Clinton wins with 220 votes, Ricky Langley wins with 172 votes, and Joyce Laudenschlager wins 152 with votes, Danny Lester unsuccessful with 123 votes
  • Proposition A, Highland Oaks Park sale: passed

Bertram City Council

Three alderman positions (four candidates): John Baladez wins 42 with votes, Pat Turner wins with 33 votes, Lane Shipp wins 32 with votes, Jean Worrell unsuccessful with 17 votes

Meadowlakes City Council

  • Place 4: Roxanne Morgan wins 122 votes to David Hellman’s 60 votes
  • Place 2: Barbara Peskin, unopposed
  • Place 5: Garrett Wood, unopposed

Cottonwood Shores City Council

  • Mayor: Jared Dodd wins 96 votes to Donald Orr’s 61 votes and Cassandra Clark’s 3 votes
  • Place 2: Brigitte Thomas, unopposed
  • Place 4: Laura Hankins wins 71 votes to Gary D. Parsons’ 50 votes and Kevin Scott’s 31 votes

Highland Haven Board of Alderman

Three alderman positions (four candidates): Terry W. Smith wins with 78 votes, Bruce Robertson wins with 72 votes, Lynn Watts Smith wins with 57 votes, Donna Lollar Green unsuccessful with 35 votes

Llano County

Llano Independent School District

  • Proposition A, $36.8 million for school infrastructure upgrades: passed
  • Proposition B, $2 million to build affordable staff housing: failed
  • Proposition C, $1 million to acquire and update district technologies: passed

Llano City Council

  • Mayor: Marion Bishop, unopposed
  • Two alderman positions (five candidates): Kara Gilliland wins with 246 votes, Larry Sawyer wins with 226 votes; unsuccessful were Charles Simpson with 152 votes, Jake Scott with 72 votes, Jed Darland with 36 votes

Sunrise Beach Village City Council

Three council seats (four candidates): Rob T. Hardy wins with 150 votes, Ann Starr wins with 139 votes, Michael C. Byrd wins with 128 votes, Jeff Cook unsuccessful with 99 votes