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Marble Falls school trustees oppose state voucher bill

Marble Falls ISD Board of Trustees

Marble Falls Independent School District board trustees Larry Berkman (left), Mandy McCary, Kevin Virdell, Alex Payson, Superintendent Dr. Jeff Gasaway, board President Kevin Naumann, and trustees Crystal Tubig and Gary Boshears unanimously approved a resolution opposing a school finance bill that could reduce public education. Courtesy photo

Marble Falls school board trustees unanimously approved a resolution opposing private school vouchers during a regular meeting on Monday, April 17, joining districts statewide that are against the legislative measure. A similar resolution was passed by the Burnet Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees on March 27.

The Marble Falls Independent School District board resolution opposes the parts of Senate Bill 8 that would give families $8,000 a year to spend on private school tuition. The bill, filed by state Sen. Charles Creighton (R-Conroe), is currently pending in the House Public Education Committee.

Opponents of Creighton’s bill argue it will impact funding for public education.

“In a time where we are already challenged by state overreach and a broken Robin Hood financial system, vouchers further divert local community resources toward more areas with no oversight and no local control,” MFISD Board President Kevin Naumann said in a media release. “Vouchers do not protect parents or children — they undermine the public education system.”

Naumann also pointed to the unique role that public schools play in communities statewide.

“Public schools are the backbone of our communities and a cornerstone of our freedom,” he said. “They protect parental rights, students receiving special education services, and provide vital services to children enduring all kinds of hardships in the home. The system is designed to protect, provide for, and defend the freedom and God-given, fundamental human rights that set this country apart from the rest of the world.”

The Marble Falls resolution will be delivered to Rep. Ellen Troxclair (R-Lakeway) of District 19, which includes Burnet County.

“It is important we make our voices heard,” Naumann said. “Our elected officials need to hear from the people they represent; we need to tell them we support public education and expect taxpayer funds to stay in public schools.”

3 thoughts on “Marble Falls school trustees oppose state voucher bill

  1. MFISD wants to bus our Colt Elem. kids to Spicewood Elem. with no optional recourse for us other than home schooling.
    That is exactly what we intend to do, as well as many other parents we’ve spoken with.
    Wonder how much that will cost the school district in lost state $$$.

  2. Yes, vouchers “undermine the public education system”, that’s the entire point. It’s about time to rid this country of the monopolistic education system that is held accountable to, and competes with, no one. Competition breeds excellence. Monopolization breeds incompetence and disregard for outcomes. We can all see that. The US certainly is set “apart from the rest of the world” when it comes to test scores and the quality of our education system…well below the bottom half. It’s time for a change.

    1. It’s not like public schools are a “monopoly” raking in a ton of cash. Most are struggling to make ends meet, which is why underpaid teachers end up coming out of pocket. Private schools are great for some, but public schools are integral parts of communities like Burnet and MF.

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