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Llano County Emergency Management will conduct a test of its warning siren system at noon Friday, April 7. The test will last 30 seconds and emit from sirens across the county. Tests will become commonplace and are planned for the first Friday of every month at noon.

The sirens are located at the fire stations in Castell, Valley Spring, Tow, Buchanan Dam, Kingsland, and Sandy Harbor as well as the Llano County Emergency Medical Service Station East Annex. Two more are in Llano, one on the north end of town and the other on the south end. Each siren has a reach of roughly one mile.

“Outdoor sirens are just one piece of the public alert system we use here in Llano County,” reads a media statement from the Emergency Management Office. “Outdoor warning sirens are designed to alert the public of impending weather conditions that may pose a threat to those involved in outdoor activities.”

Eight of the 10 sirens in the county were installed as part of a project that started in September 2022 and was completed in January. The sirens and the poles to which they were mounted were installed with the help of the Central Texas Electric Cooperative and Pedernales Electric Cooperative.