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The Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District is accepting applications for membership on a stakeholder’s committee that would work alongside the district to make potential changes to policy. Applications for a position on the committee must be submitted by April 30.

The proposed stakeholder’s committee will act as representation for the people of Burnet County and provide insight into how district policy could be changed. 

“Stakeholders play a critical role in the management of groundwater resources in Burnet County, and the CTGCD is seeking resumes from individuals who are committed to sustainable and equitable use of these resources,” reads a statement from the district. “The stakeholder committee provides an opportunity for review of the proposed rule revisions and to seek feedback and comments on the changes.”

Representatives from the following interest groups will be chosen from among the applicants:

  • Domestic use
  • Agriculture use
  • Irrigation use
  • Industrial use
  • Mining use
  • Commercial use
  • Municipal use
  • Real estate
  • Engineering or geology
  • Conservation or environmental
  • Well driller and pump installer
  • General

The district plans to meet with the committee once a month beginning in June and running through August or September. Membership on the committee is entirely voluntary. No reimbursement or compensation will be provided.

Applications should be submitted to and include a relevant resume, cover letter, and any experience relating to the interest group they wish to represent.