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 Ex-PEC director asks for Oakley’s resignation from board

Larry Landaker

Larry Landaker, a former member and president of the Pedernales Electric Cooperative Board of Directors, called for the resignation of District 5 Director James Oakley during the PEC’s regular meeting on Friday, March 24. Landaker served two terms on the board beginning in 2009. Staff photo by Suzanne Freeman

A former president of the Pedernales Electric Cooperative Board of Directors called for the resignation of current District 5 Director James Oakley during the public comment section at PEC’s regular meeting on Friday, March 24, in Johnson City. 

“The board’s own integrity is on the line,” said Larry Landaker, who served on the board for two terms beginning in 2009. “At the bare minimum, Mr. Oakley should be required to take an unpaid leave of absence until these criminal charges are adjudicated.” 

Oakley was recently indicted by a Burnet County grand jury on one felony charge and three misdemeanor charges related to his roles as Burnet County judge and PEC director and a charge of tampering with evidence in a 2021 vehicle accident in Spicewood. The felony charge and one misdemeanor charge relate to the accident. The other two charges are related to his service for the county and PEC. 

He was suspended without pay as Burnet County judge by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct on March 15 pending resolution of the charges or a new ruling from the commission. 

Oakley was at the PEC meeting as Landaker spoke.

“I was there as allowed by Texas Local Government Code 171.004,” he told after the meeting. “As was cleared in 2014 when I first inquired about serving in both capacities. Nothing’s changed, everything is consistent. That is what I have been operating on. I am seeking a fast as possible resolve through the legal system to clear my name.”

The charge that Oakley cannot serve on both bodies because each position is a paying job is based on Texas Local Government Code 171.009. Oakley submits that 171.004 allows for serving on both entities as there is no conflict of interest. In the case of conflict, the official would abstain from voting on that topic. In an earlier statement to the media, he pointed out that he has served on numerous nonprofit boards and commissions in the past.

“In addition to those affiliations, I’ve been elected by the members of the PEC for the last 10 years to serve on its board as a stipend-compensated director as clearly allowed for within Local Government Code 171,” he said. “Throughout this transparent service, there has never been any overlap of agenda items considered that would require abstention. The Burnet County attorney signs off on Commissioners Court agendas and attends each meeting.”

The issue was not on the board agenda, so no comments from board members were allowed after Landaker’s comments.

3 thoughts on “ Ex-PEC director asks for Oakley’s resignation from board

  1. This director DOES NOT live in the District and is an “outsider” which he is to be quiet. Outsiders are not welcome

    This paper is a Marble Falls paper and only Marble Falls, do not publish trash.

  2. Whatever happened to professional and ethical leadership?

    How many black eyes will the PEC accept?

  3. Whatever happened to “innocent till proven guilty in a court of law?”

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