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Marble Falls trash bin replacement finally complete

Matt Myers of Waste Management

Waste Management representative Matt Myers appears before the Marble Falls City Council to announce the completion of the company’s bungled trash can replacement drive. Staff photo by Nathan Bush

Waste Management has officially wrapped up its efforts to replace about 4,800 trash carts in Marble Falls following a logistical error that deleted deliveries to homes on streets with names that begin with “V” and “W.” 

Waste Management representative Matt Myers appeared before the Marble Falls City Council at its regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21, to officially report that the company had concluded the replacement project.

“The issues we’ve had with the deployment here in Marble Falls have been resolved,” Myers said. “I feel confident going forward that things will go smoothly with any of the cart issues.”

The error was reportedly made by the company’s cart manufacturer, Cascade Cart Solutions, causing some homes to be left off the replacement list

“We did a driver audit on anyone who had bags of trash out as a red flag that they needed their cart,” Myers said. “I also made proactive calls for residents that lived on streets that started with W and V, and there were some actions there that needed to be completed.”

The city of Granite Shoals experienced similar issues with Waste Management during its cart replacement process.

1 thought on “Marble Falls trash bin replacement finally complete

  1. If WM needs carts, there are still some extra ones in Granite Shoals that they missed picking up.

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