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Three-way stop coming to dangerous intersection in Spicewood

Lakeside Beach intersection in Spicewood

The view of oncoming traffic on County Road 410 at Lakeside Beach in Spicewood is blocked by a recently built privacy fence, leading to concerns for public safety. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

The Burnet County Commissioners Court voted to create a three-way stop on County Road 410 at the entrance to Lakeside Beach subdivision during its Feb. 14 meeting. 

Residents had voiced concerns about a new privacy fence at the intersection potentially causing accidents by obstructing the view of drivers.

Advanced warning and stop signs will be installed at the three-way intersection of CR 410 and Wanta Hideaway. 

The vote was 3-2 with commissioners Joe Don Dockery, Damon Beierle, and Jim Luther in favor and Commissioner Billy Wall and Judge James Oakley opposed.

“I don’t want to be reactive. I want to be proactive and try to address this before we have an accident at this location,” said Dockery, who represents Precinct 4, where the intersection is located. 

A new fence built on a corner lot of a home at the entrance to Lakeside Beach obstructs the view of southbound traffic for drivers leaving the subdivision. Vehicles are forced to pull into CR 410 to see beyond the fence, which could cause accidents if drivers already on the road don’t see them or can’t stop in time. The speed limit on 410 near the intersection is 30 mph.

The intersection is also a school bus stop that serves about 20-25 elementary school children.

“We’re just trying to get ahead of it before we have a child or a senior citizen or an EMS vehicle involved in an accident,” said Lakeside Beach Civic Association member Karen Bruett.

Bruett spoke before the Commissioners Court and asked for approval of the three-way stop. The subdivision’s bylaws do not allow for building restrictions or fence removals. She did note that the builder, Matt King, adjusted the fence line on one side to accommodate the community’s concerns.

King’s plans were approved by the civic association and he worked alongside Dockery to compromise on the fence design.

“I still feel for (the residents of Lakeside Beach),” King told “I frequent the neighborhood. I’m not just a builder that’s coming and going.” 

The intersection is a choke point on CR 410 that affects roughly 400 homes between the communities of Lakeside Beach, Spicewood Beach, Eagle Bluff, Lake Oaks, and Travis Waterfront. 

Judge Oakley sympathized with the cause but expressed concerns over the legality of creating a three-way stop before collecting further information. He noted that he also takes CR 410 to and from work every day and understands the dangers caused by the new fence.

“I’m compassionate to the issue, but I am concerned about the process,” he said.

Wall agreed with Oakley and also voted against the three-way stop, but the motion ultimately passed.

No timeline on the stop’s installation has been set.

1 thought on “Three-way stop coming to dangerous intersection in Spicewood

  1. I wonder how they will handle the issue of a three way stop when it comes to those 8 fairly new lots directly across from lakeside beach that each one touches 410 and will all have driveways that comes out on 410. At least 3 of the owners will be exiting the lots in the middle of the 3 way. Traffic issues will still be a problem.

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