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Quick action controls fire at Marble Falls collision repair shop

Gerber Collision and Glass fire

Marble Falls firefighters deal the final blow to a small fire at Gerber Collision and Glass in Marble Falls. They thoroughly soaked the area and poured a flame retardant to ensure the fire didn’t spread further. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

A small fire at Gerber Collision and Glass in Marble Falls was quickly brought under control by staff and first responders on the morning of Thursday, Feb. 16.

“This fire was most likely caused by discarded smoking materials, which caught some cardboard on fire and did minimal damage to the exterior of the building,” Marble Falls Fire Marshal Thomas Crane told at the scene. “No serious injuries or anything reported.”

Gerber employees noticed the fire at about 9:30 a.m. and quickly jumped into action, using fire extinguishers and a hose to smother the flames. Marble Falls city and volunteer firefighters were on the scene within minutes and dealt the final blow to the blaze before it could spread further. 

Crane commended Gerber employees for getting the fire under control so quickly on their own.

“We reacted pretty quickly to save all the vehicles inside the shop,” said Office Manager Amanda French, who assisted in putting out the fire. 

French said they expect to be back to work within the day.