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NEW BIZ: Belóved serves coffee and fine art in Marble Falls

Beloved Gallery in Marble Falls

Belóved Gallery in Marble Falls will showcase the artwork of Akiane Kramarik, most known for her depiction of Jesus Christ in ‘Prince of Peace,’ which she painted as a child. Courtesy photo

A new coffeehouse and gallery are opening in Marble Falls. Belóved Café, which serves a full coffee menu along with sandwiches, salads, and more at 206 Avenue H, opens its doors to the public on Monday, Feb. 13.

Before Belóved Gallery opens at the same location on April 6, it will offer private group tours starting Feb. 13 to see its premiere exhibit: artwork by 28-year-old Akiane Kramarik, best known for her depiction of Jesus Christ in “Prince of Peace,” which she painted when she was 8 years old.

Pre-reservations for the public opening of the show, which is April 6-8, can be made starting March 1. Admission to the gallery will be free, though reservations are required. 

“Akiane: The Early Years” will showcase 10 of Kramarik’s most prominent pieces that span her work from childhood to her teen years. Her poetry will be posted throughout the exhibit.

Tours will begin with a short film about Kramarik followed by an exhibit detailing the story of the “Prince of Peace” painting, which will be accompanied with photographs of Kramarik as a child. Guests will end their tour studying the full exhibition of 10 of Kramarik’s most beloved pieces.

To make a reservation for a private group tour, visit Belóved Gallery’s website.

1 thought on “NEW BIZ: Belóved serves coffee and fine art in Marble Falls

  1. Wow I wish I could be there! She is the artist involved with the “Heaven is Real” book.
    Her revelation of the face of Jesus is believable and to the young boy who met Jesus in a near death experience.

    His father saved his sons life by staying on his knees during that period. God is faithful.

    I love the name of the gallery. I hope it becomes a place of peace, joy, love and comfort. You are blessed to have this haven of Gods glory in Marble Falls. I pray they reap a harvest of new believers seeking peace with God and others.

    God Bless Y’ll Big !
    Carol Adams.

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