ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting on December 1st, the subscription rates will change. The new renewal rate will be $20 for the yearly membership and $4 for the monthly membership. If you currently have a membership, you will be charged the new rate upon renewal.

Learn discipline and earn confidence at IMR Boxing, a new boxing gym in Marble Falls for all ages. It offers training sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 7-9 p.m at the Boys and Girls Club of the Highland Lakes, 1701 Broadway in Marble Falls.

Started by veteran boxing coach Freddy Escamilla, the gym teaches prospective fighters the ropes of boxing on an individual basis.

“At our gym, we want people to stay at their own pace and learn at their own speed,” Escamilla said. “There’s no pressure here.”

Open to all experience levels, IMR Boxing offers lessons to children ages 6 and older along with sessions for adults. 

Lessons for children under the age of 18 are free. Fighters over the age of 18 may pay via donation of any amount.

“I’m not really trying to make a bunch of money from this,” Escamilla said. “I really just want to give something back to the community.”

While the gym aims to help interested fighters become competitive boxers, Escamilla also wants the space to serve as a place for anyone to lose weight and stay fit.

“After about two weeks, if they stick along, I’ll ask them if they want to do competitive (fights),” he said. “If they’re just here for fitness, that’s fine. I don’t force anyone to get in the ring. It’s all up to them.”

If successful, Escamilla hopes the gym will attract amateur and competitive boxing tournaments to the Highland Lakes.

“If we can make this gym a center hub for the boxing community, we can start getting bigger tournaments in the area,” Escamilla said. “It would be good for the community and businesses, too.”

Eventually, the gym aims to acquire 501(c)3 status to become a nonprofit.

Donations may be made on the gym’s GoFundMe page.

For more information, call Escamilla at 989-327-8499.