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New board chair at Falls on the Colorado has background rich in history

Amanda Seim at The Falls on the Colorado Museum

Amanda Seim is the new chair of The Falls on the Colorado Museum Board of Directors. The office is a two-year term. Staff photo by Nathan Bush

A newcomer to the area recently took over as chair of the Board of Directors of The Falls on the Colorado Museum in Marble Falls. Amanda Seim, 36, moved to Burnet with her husband, Daniel, about 18 months ago and immediately delved into the rich history of the Highland Lakes. She is also a member of the Burnet County Historical Commission. 

“I think history should be important to everyone,” Seim said. “It’s a part of us, especially local history.”

She prefers local museums to the bigger, national institutions that deal with big-picture historic events. 

“Local museums are about us. They’re about the places we work, live, and play,” she said. “They are much more relevant to the normal person.” 

Seim admits she thinks more about history on a daily basis than most people. She has a Master of Arts in public history from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and was program coordinator at Compass Inn Museum in Pennsylvania, a living history museum that was once a stagecoach stop connecting Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. 

“It was a lot of fun, a really good learning experience,” she said. “And I’m really excited to get involved with history here. Texas has a great history. The people have such an independent spirit.” 

Near-future plans for The Falls on the Colorado Museum include more fundraisers to help pay for long-term goals, especially much-needed maintenance on the Old Granite School building that houses the museum. 

“Shorter term, we are looking to have more programming and workshops,” Seim said. “We want to bring in people who might not normally go to a museum. It’s important to keep history alive and let people know how the places they’ve lived became what they are today. We want to foster a pride of place.” 

Officers on the board at The Falls on the Colorado Museum serve for two years. The new board also includes returning Treasurer Mary Ann McEwan, Secretary Nancy Ebling, and Vice Chairman Darlene Oostemeyer.

The Falls on the Colorado Museum is located at 2001 Broadway in Marble Falls. Visit its website or call 830-798-2157 for more information.