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Lake Marble Falls refill starts Jan. 16 

Lake Marble Falls on Jan. 11, 2023

Lake Marble Falls has been down 7 feet since October 2022, causing several 'beaches' to develop around the shore. The Lower Colorado River Authority dropped the lake to make repairs to Starcke Dam. The LCRA should start refilling the lake on Monday, Jan. 16. Staff photo by Nathan Bush

The Lower Colorado River Authority will begin refilling Lake Marble Falls on Monday, Jan. 16. The lake should be back to its original level of between 736.2 feet and 737 feet above mean sea level by Thursday, Jan. 19. The LCRA lowered the lake by about 7 feet on Oct. 1 to make repairs to the intake structure at Starcke Dam.

Lakeside property owners performing work on their docks, retaining walls, and other structures should remove all equipment from the lakebed by Sunday, Jan. 15, the LCRA announced. 

Originally scheduled to begin on Dec. 26, the refill was delayed so the LCRA could have more time to work on the dam’s hydroelectric generators.

The lake will be refilled with a combination of water released from Lake Buchanan sent downstream through Inks Lake and Lake LBJ as well as water flowing into the Colorado River from tributaries into or upstream of Lake Marble Falls. The refill could cause Lake Buchanan, already at a historic low due to drought conditions, to fall a maximum of 2 inches.