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BOOK REVIEW: ‘Undistracted’ brings peace

Grace Elise Shirey

Grace Elise Shirey of Marble Falls spends part of her days as an assistant and 'Girl Friday' at Marta Stafford Fine Art in Marble Falls — when not reading for inspiration and relaxation. She reviews 'Undistracted' by Bob Goff. Courtesy photo

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“Undistracted: Capture Your Purpose. Rediscover Your Joy” 

Written by Bob Goff

Published by TN: Thomas Nelson, 2022

BOOK SUMMARY: Bob Goff’s latest book is lifting spirits and joining hearts with its many messages to help keep you from being distracted while accomplishing your life goals.

Reviewed by Grace Elise Shirey, a retired automotive executive and proud resident of the Marble Falls area for over 21 years. 

It is remarkable how one well-placed, refreshing breeze in the middle of summer can lift a spirit and arrange your thinking about the present moment. The breeze, like Bob Goff’s latest book, “Undistracted,” truly works in many ways like a smile from a stranger. This books brings to life a well-placed, kind word from someone you respect or simply a nod of acknowledgement as you are putting gas in your tank. 

“Undistracted” is not to be confused with the self-help or feel-good books you may have read in the past. Through his inspiring storytelling, Goff makes you think of new ways to breathe life into your daily expectations and your own actions.

A lawyer, speaker, and author of The New York Times bestselling books “Love Does” and “Everybody, Always,” Goff gets right to the point in his latest book and truly writes with intention and purpose with no fillers of feel-good nonsense. He threads a soft filter of fun and light and magic through his chapters. 

Goff does more than write books. He is an international traveler and founder of the nonprofit Love Does, once known as Restore International. The group fights for human rights, cares for the vulnerable, and provides education in conflict zones around the world — all things you can do when undistracted by life’s ups and downs. 

A nod also to the way this book is written, as it is a book that can be put down — and then picked back up again even if the bookmark falls out. It really doesn’t matter where you left off or where you start again. 

Author of more than 24 books, in this latest publication, Goff writes words of inspiration that can be read before bedtime or while waiting in a doctor’s office for an appointment. This book is like sitting in the hot summer in front of the one window AC unit in the front room of your Grandmama’s house when you visited as a child. Bob Goff brings relief.