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Be thrifty (and helpful) for Halloween

flapper girl

It's easy to put together a flapper girl costume for Halloween with items found at Highland Lakes thrift stores. Look for costume jewelry, sequins, and anything with feathers and fringe.

Use more imagination and less cash coming up with an amazing Halloween costume by shopping at Highland Lakes thrift shops. As an added bonus, the money you do spend goes to a good cause, so everybody wins. 

Several of the shops have been preparing for Halloween since August, when they set up their costume displays. The Good Neighbor Thrift Store, 502 RR 1431 in Marble Falls, actually keeps its spooky season items out year-round. 

“We have new and used costumes and vintage clothes that people like to look through for things like a Roaring ’20s party,” Store Manager Christina Lewis said. “Shoppers can find stuff that would be witchy, or for whatever. We have a lot.” 

Sales proceeds from the shop help the Highland Lakes Family Crisis Center, a resource for domestic violence and sexual assault victims. 

Good Neighbor Thrift Store
Christina Lewis, store manager at the Good Neighbor Thrift Shop in Marble Falls, looks through the new and used Halloween costumes for sale. The shop stays in the spooky season spirit all year long, Lewis said. Staff photo by Suzanne Freeman

The Friends of the Library Thrift Store, 105 W. Pecan St. in Burnet, is offering a first-ever 75 percent discount on all fall and holiday merchandise, including Christmas. (It’s never too early — the shop has been selling Christmas items since June.) 

The store raises money for the Herman Brown Free Library in Burnet. 

“We have everything you need to put together to make a costume,” Store Manager Laurie Roberts said. “You can be a scarecrow with a man’s old worn-out shirt and boots. Anything to make the festive go!” 

With Halloween creeping around the corner, the Marble Falls Library Thrift Shop, 300 Avenue J, is down to just one rack of costumes. The rest of the store is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

“Everything we have left (for Halloween) is out on the floor,” employee Denise Greep said. 

Still, it pays to browse the entire space. You might be able to piece together a costume from its clothing racks. Proceeds go to the Marble Falls Public Library.

Goodwill Central Texas, 2510 U.S. 281 North in Marble Falls, prides itself on suiting up customers all year. When Halloween season hits, however, the store goes all out with new and used costumes and accessories. 

“We always have a lot of fun with it,” Store Manager Colette Vargas said. “About halfway through October, the entire team dresses up in costumes. We have everything you could want to make a costume, and it’s really affordable.”

Vargas enjoys helping shoppers match gently used clothing with the Halloween accessories that arrive each season. 

“Some can’t really decide,” she said. “We try to find things that would be appropriate with the accessories we have.” 

It’s not too late to scare up a great Halloween costume. You just need a little bit of cash and a whole lot of imagination. And while you’re browsing thrift store racks, pick out a Christmas sweater before they’re all gone.


Check out Goodwill Central Texas’ blog for DIY costume and Halloween decor ideas. 

Some easy-to-put-together outfit suggestions found across the internet and on Pinterest include: 

  • Bob Ross
  • Flapper girl
  • “Friends” cast members (everything ’90s is in right now)
  • Hippie
  • Minion
  • Emoji
  • Operation board game patient
  • Rosie the Riveter
  • Brawny man (paper towel brand)

Scarecrow, witch, and ghost costumes are always simple to throw together. Just add a creative touch to stand out.