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Marble Falls Elementary goes for gold for student, pediatric cancer awareness

Isabella Solorzano with the Granite Shoals Police Department

Isabella Solorzano, a 5-year-old Granite Shoals resident and Marble Falls Elementary School student who is battling cancer for the second time, posed for a photo with Granite Shoals police Capt. John Ortis (left), Capt. Chris Decker, Sgt. Allen Miley, Officer Josh Gomez, and Sgt. Chad Taliaferro. The department made her an honorary member. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

As Childhood Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close, Marble Falls Elementary School students and staff will take part in Gold Out Day on Friday, Sept. 30, to show support for children battling pediatric cancer, including one of their classmates.

Five-year-old Granite Shoals resident and Marble Falls Elementary student Isabella Solorzano is in a fight against neuroblastoma for the second time. Gold Out Day will help educate her schoolmates about the hardships that cancer and chemotherapy cause for thousands of young kids across the country. 

Students will be encouraged to come to school dressed in gold, the same color as the ribbon for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Later that day, a joint physical education class for first through fifth grades will meet for fun outdoor activities as students “go for gold,” according to a Facebook video recorded by school counselor Holly Whittle.

Among the activites planned for the special day are coloring pages delivered by Solorzano’s brothers, Aldair and Eleazar, who also attend the school.

Sometime the following week, a special video of Solorzano will be shared in every classroom at the campus.

Solorzano’s fight began in May 2020 after she was diagnosed with an intermediate case of neuroblastoma. After seemingly fighting off the disease, it resurfaced as high risk earlier this year. In August, officers at the Granite Shoals Police Department made Solorzano an honorary police officer.

To learn more about Isabella’s battle against cancer, visit Isa’s Fight on Facebook.