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Highland Lakes internet provider Vyve Broadband recently announced a partnership with eero, an Amazon company that offers an alternative system of internet service using new technologies to increase speeds and connectivity within existing networks.

Unlike traditional ISPs, which typically rely on one sole Wi-Fi modem to power personal networks, eero uses multiple routers. The technology, known as mesh Wi-Fi, dramatically increases connection speeds for consumers.

Vyve Regional Vice President Dave Hardwood spoke with about the benefits of the recently inked partnership.

“Some of the houses in our footprint, especially homes in the Marble Falls area and Horseshoe Bay, are very large,” he said. “(Wi-Fi) may not reach all areas of the house. The eero product is a mesh system so we can provide full coverage to homes.”

A major part of eero’s value is the ability to place multiple routers throughout large homes to boost existing networks.

“We can add additional units to cover houses 5,000 square-feet or more,” Hardwood said.

The Amazon company also uses Wi-Fi 6, the newest edition that narrows the speed gap between wireless and wired signals.

“It connects with a different frequency, so it’s generally a lot faster,” Hardwood said. “It also provides a wider signal coverage area. It’s a much more robust Wi-Fi product.”

Hardwood said the new wireless technology will help ensure homes using the service are fully covered as opposed to previous generations of Wi-Fi.

“(With Wi-Fi 6), your connectivity is normally quicker and you don’t have a lot of dead spots,” he said. “Our previous Wi-Fi might have had some dead spots. (Wi-Fi 6) fills the house up.”


Vyve, which has full coverage in Marble Falls and Burnet, is also interested in branching out and strengthening its services in other Highland Lakes towns. 

“We’re working with the city to find ways to build out in Horseshoe Bay,” Hardwood said. “The problem in Horseshoe Bay is that everything underground is granite. We’re trying to find ways around it.”

Hardwood also mentioned a Vyve study on how to expand its service in Kingsland.

“There’s a large portion of Kingsland that we do not serve,” he said. “We’ve done an engineering and design walkout on that unserved area, and we are about to start construction to build out the remainder of Kingsland.”

Vyve estimates a Kingsland expansion will add 500 homes to its service area.

Cognizant of recent and projected growth in the Highland Lakes, Vyve is expanding capacity to ensure its service can withstand the expected population boom.

“We’re constantly building out new areas because of all the construction going on in the area,” Hardwood said. “We’re constantly expanding our network.”

For more about Vyve’s services, visit its website or physical office at 2100 U.S. 281 in Marble Falls.

2 thoughts on “Vyve partners with Amazon Wi-Fi company, plans Highland Lakes expansion

  1. So far, I am unimpressed with Vyve. They failed to be an interest due to their unimpressive response
    to a request to service my home outside the city limit of Marble Falls.

  2. I see that Granite Shoals was left out of this article. Is that because we won’t have the service available in our area?

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