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Marble Falls High School homecoming celebrations begin at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 7, with a tailgate in the visitors parking lot at Mustang Stadium, 2101 Mustang Drive. The Mustang football team hosts the Killeen Chaparral Bobcats on Friday night.

Marble Falls Athletic Booster Club President Shannon Roberts is organizing the event, which includes a stationary parade followed by a pep rally.

“It’s a fundraiser for any sport,” Roberts said. “It’s not a fundraiser for any organization. I’ve been calling it a block party.”

Roberts hopes the event will instill a sense of community and belonging to those in attendance.

“It gives our athletes and extracurricular participants a chance to interact with our community,” she said. “It’s a cool way to give back to the community.”

Booths for each high school sports team will be set up across the lot. The band, cheer squad, and Starlettes dance team also will attend. Athletes will pass out candy, play games, and take photos with the kids.

The booster club will be selling memberships.

Because of the cost of parade permits from the city, Roberts decided to bring the parade to the high school by setting up floats in the school’s parking lot. Last year was the first time for the tailgate party and stationary parade. She hopes to convince the city to lower its event fees this spring.

“My goal next year is that I’d really like to bring the parade back to Marble Falls,” Roberts said. “That’s just something that’s on my heart. My whole goal is to bring back more traditions to the community.”