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Diesel leak on 281 bridge slows traffic

Diesel leak on 281 bridge slows traffic

An 18-wheeler leaking diesel sits on the U.S. 281 bridge as the Marble Falls Police Department and Marble Falls Fire Rescue direct traffic away from the spill. Courtesy photo

Diesel leaking from an 18-wheeler headed northbound over the U.S. 281 bridge in Marble Falls brought traffic to a near standstill Thursday, Sept. 1, as Marble Falls Fire Rescue worked to clean it up.

The 18-wheeler’s driver parked on the bridge after noticing his truck was losing fuel. He immediately notified Marble Falls emergency services.

“Lucky for us, everybody did the right thing,” said Marble Falls Fire Marshal Tommy Crane. “We got called and were able to plug the leak shortly thereafter.”

According to first responders, the 18-wheeler’s saddle-tank fuel cap was knocked off of the vehicle somewhere en route. Crane estimates nearly 50 gallons of diesel leaked out of the truck.

While the local first responders were able to mop up the majority of the diesel, a crew from San Antonio was dispatched to finish the cleanup using dry powder to absorb any remaining fuel. That crew also will conduct soil tests near the spill to check for environmental damage.

1 thought on “Diesel leak on 281 bridge slows traffic

  1. Wouldn’t it be so nice to have a way AROUND our town so those 18-wheelers (and modular homes, and wind turbine blades) wouldn’t have to come through and back up traffic in a town growing too fast for its current infrastructure?!

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