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Llano funeral home has new owner

Waldrope-Hatfield-Hawthorne Funeral Home

Harrell Funeral Homes has purchased Waldrope-Hatfield-Hawthorne Funeral Home at 307 E. Sandstone St. in Llano. Courtesy photo

Harrell Funeral Homes purchased Waldrope-Hatfield-Hawthorne Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Llano on July 17 in addition to a crematorium in Kingsland, which it bought last year. Harrell is the largest family-owned funeral home in Central Texas and was handpicked by David Hawthorne to take over his business. 

“I have known Jason (Harrell) and his family for generations, and I am confident that his family’s character will exceed our customers’ expectations,” Hawthorne said in a statement in a July 25 media release announcing the sale. “I know how Harrell serves families and the importance they place on providing healing services.” 

Harrell Funeral Home has added post-funeral services to its offerings. 

“We have mapped out the journey our families walk after death when they choose our funeral home, and we are committed to providing something extra through every step of the process,” stated Jason Harrell in the same media release. “Harrell (Funeral Home) takes a multifaceted approach, which includes providing personal assistance in closing out non-legal estate matters and helping assist families as they navigate the grieving process.”

An estate specialist is provided to families at no charge.

“With the help of the estate specialist, families can now accomplish in one to two weeks what takes many families 14-18 months to achieve,” reads the statement. “Our estate specialists make sure families are protected from fraud and do not give their information to people who will take advantage of them. In addition, they know who to contact, therefore saving families lots of time and the agony of doing something incorrectly.”

Harrell plans to update the chapel and administrative building at 307 E. Sandstone St. in Llano. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held once renovations are complete. 

Harrell purchased Cremation Advocates in Kingsland in 2021 and renamed it Highland Lakes Cremation Center. 

“Family members need an easy way to secure cremation arrangements when a loved one passes at a distance,” Harrell said in the release. “We are introducing new technology to make this happen. We will also be able to personally deliver cremated remains within a 25-mile radius of the cremation center.” 

Harrell has funeral homes in Austin, Dripping Springs, and Kyle.