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Zebra on the loose in Spicewood

Zebra on the loose in Spicewood

A loose zebra was spotted off of County Road 408 in the Spicewood area east of Marble Falls on the afternoon of Monday, July 11. The zebra’s owner and local law enforcement are still searching for the missing animal. Courtesy photo

Law enforcement officials are urging the public to keep their distance from a zebra on the loose in the Spicewood area off of County Road 408. The zebra was first spotted on the afternoon of Monday, July 11. As of Tuesday, the animal is still missing.

“He is a wild animal and is not used to human contact,” said Missy Bindseil, Burnet County Precinct 4 constable. “Approaching him could be dangerous for you and the animal.”

The zebra’s owner wishes to remain anonymous, but Bindseil is communicating on their behalf as the search for the zebra continues.

According to Bindseil, the zebra is a yearling and extremely skittish. Approaching the animal could cause it to panic and run, making capture more difficult. 

The Burnet County Sheriff’s Office, Bindseil, and the zebra’s owner are working together to safely capture the animal. 

“We’ve all agreed that everybody needs to lay low for a while,” Bindseil said. 

The capture team has narrowed down the zebra’s location and hopes to have it back in its pasture as soon as possible.

While zebras are common on Hill Country ranches, they are not a domesticated species and should not be approached as such. If you see the zebra, call the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office at 512-756-8080 or Bindseil at 512-755-2509.