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A new trustee will be appointed to the Marble Falls Independent School District board. The current board, which is one member short after the death of Trustee Rick Edwards in May, held a special meeting Wednesday, July 6, to discuss the process for appointing a new member to fill the Place 2 vacancy. 

Board President Kevin Naumann explained the process to

“According to our policy, the board has complete discretion on how to appoint someone,” Naumann said. “There isn’t anything that’s outlined on it, so there’s a whole wide gamut of things we can do.”

Naumann asked trustees to come to the special meeting prepared with ideas and suggestions for possible candidates. Trustees looked through three or four names they viewed as solid candidates. The board plans to meet with these choices over the next couple of weeks.

“We thought, instead of making it a complicated process, we should start visiting with candidates on a one-on-one basis and asking them if they have an interest in the position,” Naumann said. “We want to find someone that can help solidify the team of eight until the next election.”

The board hopes to find a candidate that reflects the core values of the district. Another aspect discussed was the district’s demographics and how they should be reflected on the school board.

“We’re looking for someone who buys into the vision of loving every child,” Naumann said. “If we could find someone who is representative of the Hispanic community, I think that would be a good thing since our district is over 65 percent Hispanic.” 

The board must make an appointment within 180 days of a vacancy, per district policy. This means the board must have an appointment by Nov. 3. Any appointment will face re-election during the regular May elections for school board members. 

If interested in joining the MFISD Board of Trustees, contact Administrative Assistant Krystal Saunders at the district’s Central Office.

1 thought on “MFISD board considers candidates to fill vacant trustee seat

  1. What if a member of the community wants to be considered for the position? I would be interested in the position. I assume that is a temporary placement and that seat will be placed on the next election ballot?

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