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Subscribe Now is moving to an inexpensive subscription model as of July 11, announced Victory Media Publisher Mandi Goldsmith.

“To help us continue to invest in vital news gathering, we invite readers to show their support through a paid subscription,” she said. “Subscribing helps us retain professional journalists who have a desire to provide the coverage you expect when it comes to local government, schools, businesses and organizations, sports, and weather.”

Affordable pricing makes it easy to keep up with the latest news in the Highland Lakes 24/7.

Subscriptions are a low $2 a month or $15 a year. Every reader has access to five free stories a month. Until July 8, lifetime subscriptions are available for $125. After the paywall goes up on July 11, lifetime subscriptions will be $150. If you’re already a voluntary yearly subscriber, you now have a lifetime membership. If you are a voluntary monthly subscriber, you now have a yearly membership that will need to be renewed next year. You can also stop by the Victory Media office, 1007 Avenue K in Marble Falls, to pay for a subscription by cash or check.

Subscriptions include the daily email newsletter Monday-Friday and access to the entire content of every day of the week, every hour of the day.

“Our mission is to be the best, most reliable source for community news and information,” Goldsmith said. “We set the bar high for ourselves each day we walk into the newsroom. Our team of writers spends time researching accurate information, verifying facts, and reporting the news that keeps us all informed about our community.”’s professional news team will continue to be on the front lines reporting on the rapid growth in the area and how it affects the people and places that make up this diverse community. Covering the news in Burnet and Llano counties, is a vital part of Victory Media’s publishing titles, which include The Picayune Magazine, 101 Fun Things to do in the Highland Lakes magazine,, The Daily and The 101 email newsletters, and KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune.

“Good journalism is important to a vibrant, growing community, and it has long been at the heart of this community,” Goldsmith said. “Victory Media began publishing 31 years ago and has grown over the years, just as the Highland Lakes has grown. We plan on continuing to grow and to provide top-notch journalism as we move into the future together.”

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Enjoy all your local news and sports for less than 5¢ per day Subscribe Now

8 thoughts on “ moving to paid subscriptions starting July 11

  1. I don’t like paying for news either, but I’m not sure there is an alternative solution. Obviously local ads are not enough to keep them in business, and I would assume they have tried affiliate type ads and Google ads. The risk is people who do subscribe might be expecting an ad-free website, and I doubt that’s going to be the case. I don’t like it any more than most readers, but I also understand they have a business that must generate revenue. Let’s be honest, the $15 a year is easily affordable for most people. The issue is having yet another login and paying for something yet still having to see a ton of ads. I hope it works out for them, but unfortunately it is a dying business. In the future, when there are no local news outlets, people will complain – but most local businesses live or die based on the support level of the community.

  2. Hey, Daily Trib! You’re gonna lose readers over this, you know that, right? I’ve always enjoyed the online access because I can’t always make it into town. I’m sad to see this move.

  3. I have never paid to watch TV, listen to radio or read online news. Don’t plan to start now.

  4. I don’t like that Highlander requires a subscription. That’s one of the many reasons I like Daily Trib. It’s always been free. Why change it? Can’t things be done through advertisements instead?

  5. Anyone know of any good free news anymore? Tired of everything going to a subscription.

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