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Dissent over Park View Park design sends plans to Marble Falls council

Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Commissioner Tomye Folts-Zeltner

Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Commissioner Tomye Folts-Zeltner gives feedback to park designer Brent Luck about where trails should be placed at the proposed Park View Park. Staff photo by Nathan Bush

Plans for Park View Park in Marble Falls will go before the City Council after the Parks and Recreation Commission failed to reach a consensus on how to develop the 12 acres near the north intersection of Park View and Parkridge drives.

While some members of the commission hoped to make the land a destination nature park, others believed it was better suited untouched or lightly renovated. And others hoped for more development, including playscapes and restrooms.

The main points of contention with the design centered on how much foot traffic the park will attract. The commission debated four items: a playscape, parking, restrooms, and security lighting. 

Park designer Brent Luck of Luck Designs presented plans to erect a large, modern playscape on the site.

Luck also unveiled a new parking plan, which did away with the parallel street parking rejected at a previous meeting. The plan provided 23 parking spots within the perimeter of the park. Commissioner Tomye Folts-Zettner said that was too many.

“I think the concept is good as long as you condense it,” Folts-Zettner said. “I think having 10 spots as opposed to 23 would be better.”

The size and number of restrooms also brought some disagreement.

“The suggested recommendation is a small restroom,” said commission Chair Charles Watkins. “The big question is utilization. If you bring a lot of kids, you’ll need restrooms. If you don’t bring kids, maybe not. If the people who come are from the neighborhood, they can just walk home.”

Commissioner Dave Cone had a different perspective on the issue regarding restrooms at the park.

“I think I’m probably the oldest person (in this room),” he said. “I can guarantee you, if you don’t have a restroom, people my age aren’t going to this park. It’s not a question. People my age can’t just pee behind a bush.”

The commission did agree that lights would be unnecessary since the park would not be suited for nighttime use. The commission also agreed that amenities such as a splash pad, dog park, basketball court, and BMX track would not be included in the planning.

Current park plans still include trails, shade trees, benches, and a garden designed to attract certain species of birds. 

“I believe we should be planting the flowers the birds like as opposed to the flowers the butterflies and other creatures like,” Watkins said. “That way, we can encourage the type of birds that we like and want to live there.”

1 thought on “Dissent over Park View Park design sends plans to Marble Falls council

  1. Splash pads are super popular in other cities around the state & country, kids are always at them enjoying their time with their families. Sadly, MF has not one. West Side Park & any other park located near a neighborhood where children live would be greatly utilized if splash pads were to be installed. Keeps the kids busy, active, happy, & cooled off. It’s a great alternative when the cost of installing another city pool is out of the question.

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