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True Texas BBQ restaurant coming to Marble Falls H-E-B

True Texas BBQ restaurant coming to H-E-B in Marble Falls

Construction of True Texas BBQ is underway at H-E-B in Marble Falls. The in-store restaurant is expected to open in late July or early August 2022. Staff photo by Dakota Morrissiey

Construction of a True Texas BBQ restaurant in the Marble Falls H-E-B is expected to be completed in late July or early August 2022. True Texas BBQ is a chain restaurant developed, owned, and operated by H-E-B. This location will be the 20th in the state.

Construction on the project began in February. 

Although attached to the H-E-B store, 1503 RR 1431 West, it will function as a standalone, sit-down restaurant that can be accessed without having to go into the market. 

True Texas BBQ
An array of options are available at True Texas BBQ locations in H-E-B. The menus are often adjusted for regional tastes. Courtesy photo

True Texas BBQ was created in 2014 with the first location opening in Pleasanton. Locations are mostly in Central Texas but can be found as far north as Lubbock and as far south as McAllen.

The menu will feature competitively priced, traditional barbecue with ingredients sourced straight from the store. 

Texas Monthly named True Texas BBQ the “The Best Barbecue Chain in Texas” in 2019. 

Time to add another stop on your barbecue road trip.

1 thought on “True Texas BBQ restaurant coming to Marble Falls H-E-B

  1. They need to fix the entrances and exits to the parking lot. That’s my only complaint.

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