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Residents in Burnet and Llano counties have several options for getting rid of junk, including countywide waste collections and regularly scheduled pickups in the cities.


Burnet County plans two major cleanup events this year. The first, a BOPATE waste collection, is from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, April 23 at the Burnet County Reuse and Recycle Center, 2411 FM 963 in Burnet. BOPATE stands for batteries, oil, paint, antifreeze, tires, and electronics. 

Items accepted include: 

  • automobile tires (24 inches or less, no rims); first 10 are free, $2 per tire for more than 10
  • lead-acid and rechargeable batteries
  • used motor oil and oil filters
  • latex paint (no oil-based paints)
  • antifreeze
  • scrap metal (no lawn mowers or appliances)
  • small electronics
  • TVs (no consoles)

The second event on Oct. 15 is for hazardous household wastes. The last one was held in October 2021. The county hopes to continue in 2023 with a BOPATE in the spring and a hazardous household waste collection in the fall. 

Having a place to drop off hazardous waste helps keep the Highland Lakes clean, said Burnet County Precinct 2 Commissioner Damon Beierle. 

“Sometimes, people make bad decisions when they don’t know better or don’t have a place to go,” he said. “They have chemicals and throw them away in ways that end up in the lakes, rivers, and in the groundwater.”

Organizing yearly waste collections “is a burden the county should bear,” he said. “We’re talking about trying to have dump days like the city of Burnet’s Chunk Your Junk.” 

Precinct 4 Commissioner Joe Don Dockery was instrumental in getting the two cleanup events started in the county. 

“These BOPATEs have been very popular and successful,” Dockery said. “These and the hazardous materials event in the fall keep a lot of materials out of the landfill, but also out of the our water.”

A residential bulk and tires collection for Llano County residents is from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 23, at the Llano County East Annex, 8347 RR 1431 in Buchanan Dam. Items accepted include bulk furniture, chairs, couches, mattresses, scrap metal, and tires. 


Burnet, Marble Falls, and Granite Shoals all offer their residents regularly scheduled opportunities to get rid of junk. 

Burnet Chunk Your Junk 

  • WHEN: 8 a.m. to noon the first Saturday of the month (second Saturday in July and September in 2022)
  • WHERE: 3675 FM 963 
  • REQUIRES: Proof of city residency
  • ACCEPTED ITEMS: Appliances without Freon, debris and brush, household junk, and tires not on rims (limit of four per household)

Marble Falls 

  • WHEN: June 13-14, June 16, Sept. 12-13, Sept. 15 in 2022
  • WHERE: Curbside home pickup
  • ACCEPTED ITEMS: Appliances without Freon, furniture, bundled brush, and other bulky items
  • FOR MORE: Visit the city’s website

Granite Shoals 

  • WHEN: 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 9; another to be held in the fall
  • WHERE: Granite Shoals City Hall, 2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road
  • MONTHLY BULK COLLECTIONS: Come with trash service with a limit of 4 cubic-feet each pickup. 
  • FOR MORE: Visit the city’s website

Residents should contact their trash collection providers for information on services. You can typically find your waste service provider’s number on your bill.

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  1. The article referenced Burnet AND Llano counties but only mentioned places in Burnet County for dropping off items. Is there a place in Llano County?

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