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NEW BIZ: Flights Gastropub coming soon to Burnet square

Flights Gastropub coming soon to Burnet square

A half-finished mural on the building at 236 S. Main St. in Burnet previews the incoming Flights Gastropub. Construction on the pub, which will offer flights of alcohol, food, and a classic speakeasy feel, should begin this summer. Staff photo by Brigid Cooley

Fine dining is coming soon to the courthouse square in Burnet. Construction on Flights Gastropub, a speakeasy-style establishment at 236 S. Main St., should begin this summer. 

“A gastropub is the exact same thing as a pub, only higher-end food bites, basically,” co-owner Michael Weigel explained. “So, instead of thinking of a pub with nachos and a greasy grilled cheese sandwich or something, a gastropub would have fancy food, like seared ahi.” 

Weigel lives in the 7 Creeks Ranch neighborhood in Burnet. He is joined in the venture by his cousin and business partner Phillip Cordova. The gastropub will be their first taste of the restaurant industry after careers in real estate.

The pair decided to open Flights after frequently traveling into neighboring areas for evening dining experiences. 

“Every Saturday, we gather with our neighbors and we leave the area because there’s nothing to eat,” Weigel said. “We either have to come down to Marble Falls or Austin to get what we want. We’re not keeping any of the sales tax in Burnet that way. So we started sharing this idea with everyone in our neighborhood, and they were like, ‘Yes. If you build this, we will come.’” 

Flights Gastropub coming soon to Burnet square
Flights Gastropub developers Michael Weigel and Phillip Cordova plan to keep some of the features of the building at 236 S. Main St. intact, including the existing support archways and intricate doorways. Staff photo by Brigid Cooley

The pub will be in a building that has been vacant for the past 30 years. The two-story structure was finished in the 1800s, and Weigel and Cordova plan to stay true to its original architecture, which has grand archways and hardwood floors. 

Planned menu items include seafood towers, prosciutto-wrapped figs, prime rib, and pasta carbonara. Flights of beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages will be accompanied with more unique offerings, such as cake pop and pretzel flights. 

The pair has been working with the Burnet City Council and city staff to move the project along. Weigel said he hopes the restaurant will help infuse new life into the square. 

“Hopefully, we can put in a really good team and can give everybody a good memory and a place to go for a good time,” Weigel said. “We’ll lean on the community. Treating them well will make them treat us well back.” 

More information is available on the Flights Gastropub website and Facebook page. Weigel and Cordova will also pass out promotional materials and mingle with the community at a Flights Gastropub booth during the Bluebonnet Festival, which takes place April 8-10 in Burnet

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