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Listen to Hill Country Hammer Fishing Report on KBEY

Jerad Pool and Alan Barrington of Hill Country Hammer Guides and Outfitters

Fishing guide Jerad Pool (left) and business partner Alan Barrington of Hill Country Hammer Guides and Outfitters in Kingsland were recently in the KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune studio to talk about their new on-air fishing report. The Hill Country Hammer Fishing Report will air at 6:45 a.m. Thursdays beginning March 3 on KBEY. Staff photo by Jennifer Greenwell

Tune in at 6:45 a.m. Thursdays beginning March 3 to hear the new Hill Country Hammer Fishing Report on KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune. Fishing guide Jerad Pool will be joined by Capt. Rick Harris, a guide and professional angler, to share the secrets of fishing the Highland Lakes.

Hill Country Hammer Guides and Outfitters, 100 CR 127 in Kingsland, is owned by Pool and partner Alan Barrington. The company has five guides on five top-of-the-line boats who take clients game fishing with rod and reel as well as bow fishing. As outfitters, they also set up hunts on ranches for white-tailed and axis deer and exotic game. They provide all of the equipment, if you need it, for either hunting or fishing. 

During the two-minute weekly spot on KBEY, Pool promises a “new flair on the fishing report.” 

“We’re not just going to tell you the temperature of the water, the color of the water, and where the fish are,” he said. “We are going over techniques, how we are catching, how we are working the baits to trigger reactions, what causes the fish to bite. We are going to go over the whole shebang.” 

Pool is a lifetime angler who started as a one-boat guide. 

“Then, I met Alan,” he said. 

Together, they formed Hill Country Hammer, specializing in landing large bass. 

“We do multiple species; we can catch anything,” Pool said. “But we pride ourselves on helping our clients catch trophy-size, largemouth bass.”

Fishing with Pool and his guides goes beyond reeling in the big ones. 

“We give our clients the knowledge so they can go out and fish themselves,” he said. “It’s more than the technology. It’s more the amount of time on the water, but that’s where having a guide who lives his life on the water every day helps. We can knock that learning curve down for you.”

“It’s half philosophy, half biology, and a little bit of cockiness and a lot of patience,” Barrington said of the art of fishing. 

Tune in to KBEY 103.9 FM or listen online at or via the KBEY app every Thursday at 6:45 a.m. to learn more about fishing the Highland Lakes. 

“You’ll get two different perspectives,” Barrington said. “Rick is a pro angler. He is fishing the Toyota series this spring. Jerad put 19 people onto double-digit bass last year. He has an understanding of the fish, the biology of the fish that is second to none.”