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Democratic, Republican primary elections today

candidate signs at burnet county courthouse south annex

Voters coming to the Burnet County Courthouse South Annex in Marble Falls to cast their ballots in the Republican and Democratic primaries March 1 are greeted with candidate signs and supporters, all posted and sitting at least 100 feet from the polling entrance as allowed by law. Staff photo by Suzanne Freeman

Election Day for the Republican and Democratic primaries is here. Voters can cast their ballots for their party’s nominees from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday, March 1.

In Texas, voters can choose the ballot for any party’s primary or convention (for those parties not holding primaries) when they show up at the polls. You don’t have to register as a party member. However, if a person votes in one party’s primary/convention, they can’t participate in another. Currently, only the Republican and Democratic parties hold primary elections in Texas. 

Burnet County voters can go to any polling location as the county uses Vote Centers. 

Voters in Blanco and Llano counties must use their designated voting precinct polling site March 1. A person’s voting precinct can be found on their voter registration card. The voting precinct is not the same as a county commissioner precinct. 



  • Precinct 1 — First Lutheran Church, 133 Apollo Drive, Burnet
  • Precinct 2 — Burnet County AgriLife, 607 N. Vandeveer St., Burnet
  • Precinct 3 — Grace United Methodist Church, 4007 Valley View, Granite Shoals
  • Precinct 4 — Spicewood Community Center, 7901 CR 404, Spicewood
  • Precinct 5 — Silver Creek Community Center, 101 CR 128, Burnet (in Silver Creek)
  • Precinct 6 — Smithwick Community Center, 10800 RR 1431 East, Marble Falls (Smithwick)
  • Precinct 7 — Cassie Subdivision Community Center, 3920 FM 690, Burnet (Cassie)
  • Precinct 8 — Hoover Valley Volunteer Fire Department, 303 CR 118B, Burnet (Hoover’s Valley)
  • Precinct 9 — Highland Haven Community Center, 118 Blackbird Drive, Highland Haven
  • Precinct 10 — Iglesia Bautista Church Hall, 4000 FM 243 West, Bertram (intersection of CR 330 and FM 243)
  • Precinct 11 — Naruna Church building, 9170 FM 1478, Lampasas (Naruna)
  • Precinct 12 — Joann Cole Mitte Memorial Library, 170 N. Gabriel St., Bertram
  • Precinct 13 — Joppa Fellowship Hall, 8447 CR 210, Bertram (Joppa)
  • Precinct 14 — Lake Victor Community Center, 200 Lake Ave., Burnet (Lake Victor)
  • Precinct 15 — Briggs Community Center, 215 Loop 308, Briggs
  • Precinct 16 — Oakalla Community Center, 29011 FM 963, Oakalla
  • Precinct 17 — Burnet County Courthouse North Annex, 1701 E. Polk, Burnet
  • Precinct 18 — Granite Shoals Community Center, 1208 N. Phillips Ranch Road, Granite Shoals
  • Precinct 19 — Burnet County Courthouse South Annex, 810 Steve Hawkins Parkway, Marble Falls, and Meadowlakes City Hall, 177 Broadmoor St., Meadowlakes
  • Precinct 20 — Church of Christ, 711 Broadway, Marble Falls

Note there are two Precinct 19 polling locations. 

Visit the Burnet County Elections website for more information.


  • Precinct 101 — Llano Ag & Health Building, 1447 Texas 71 East, Llano
  • Precinct 102 — Blue Lake Community Center, 214 W. Bluebonnet Drive, Blue Lake subdivision 
  • Precinct 108 — Sunrise Beach Civic Hall Civic Center, 124 Sunrise Drive, Sunrise Beach
  • Precinct 109 — Quail Point POA, 107 Twilight, Horseshoe Bay
  • Precinct 203 — East Llano County Annex, 8347 RR 1431, Buchanan Dam
  • Precinct 204 — Lakeshore Branch Library, 7346 RR 261, Buchanan Dam
  • Precinct 205 — First Baptist Church, 16521 RR 2241, Tow
  • Precinct 307 — Kingsland Branch Library, 125 W. Polk, Kingsland
  • Precinct 410 — Llano County Library, 102 E. Haynie, Llano

Visit the Llano County Elections webpage for more information. 


  • Precinct 102 — First Baptist Church, 1200 Fourth St., Blanco
  • Precinct 201 — Good Shepherd Catholic Church, 285 U.S. 281 Loop, Johnson City
  • Precinct 302 — Blanco County Courthouse Annex, 101 E. Cypress St., Johnson City
  • Precinct 303 — Round Mountain Fire Department, 8480 U.S. 281, Round Mountain
  • Precinct 401 — Blanco County South Annex, 402 Blanco Ave., Blanco

Visit the Blanco County Elections webpage for more information. 

For general election and voting information from the state, go to

All voters must bring one of the following approved forms of identification to cast a ballot:

  • Texas driver’s license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Texas election identification certificate issued by DPS
  • Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
  • Texas handgun license issued by DPS
  • U.S. military identification card containing the person’s photograph
  • U.S. citizenship certificate containing the person’s photograph
  • U.S. passport (book or card)

If a person does not have one of these IDs and cannot reasonably attain one, the state of Texas allows voters to present other supporting forms of identification. A list of these along with voter identification information can be found on the Texas Secretary of State’s identification requirements webpage

For general election and voting information in the state, go to