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Grassfire burns 40 acres and hay bales at Honeymoon Ranch

Honeymoon Ranch fire

A grassfire Wednesday, Feb. 23, at Honeymoon Ranch along RR 1431 in Granite Shoals burned about 40 acres and was put out by Granite Shoals and Marble Falls first responders. Staff photo

Granite Shoals and Marble Falls firefighters responded Wednesday, Feb. 23, to a grassfire at Honeymoon Ranch along RR 1431 between the two cities. No one was harmed as a result of the fire, but about 40 acres of land and roughly 160 round hay bales burned. 

The fire was called in at 7:30 a.m. and was under control by 9:10 a.m., confirmed Granite Shoals Fire Chief Tim Campbell. Crews planned to remain on site to monitor hay bales that were still burning. The property owner was also assisting. 

The blaze started with multiple spot fires near the road that were likely the result of sparks caused by a chain or other metal object being dragged by a trailer, Campbell said.

1 thought on “Grassfire burns 40 acres and hay bales at Honeymoon Ranch

  1. Would like to see the plans for the “not barracks”. Site plans and floor plans. Are these available or even required for development? What about septic plans? Doesn’t seem that it would be easy to provide standard septic for that size of development on that size of acreage. I also thought that you could only have one well per 2 acres. Do they require any type of water system approval?
    Just forwarding the questions floating around surrounding this development.

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