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Plats approved for more new developments in Marble Falls

Marble Falls OKs preliminary plats for more development

The Marble Falls City Council approved two preliminary plats for future developments during its Feb. 1 meeting. This rendering shows the location of one, which covers 9.74 acres of land and will become part of the Panther Hollow Commercial Development Subdivision. Courtesy rendering

The Marble Falls City Council approved two preliminary plats during its meeting Tuesday, Feb. 1, signifying that even more housing and apartment developments are on the way. 

One plat was for 9.74 acres of land, located between U.S. 281 South and the portion of Panther Hollow that turns into Corazon Drive. The land, which will be subdivided into six lots and newly constructed portions of roads, will become a part of the Panther Hollow Commercial Development Subdivision.

Panther Hollow Drive will be extended to connect with U.S. 281 South as part of the terms of the plat, providing an additional exit and entrance onto the highway. A new traffic light, however, would not be added because it is too close to the existing one at Max Starcke Dam Road, according to the Texas Department of Transportation regulations, City Planner Scarlet Moreno explained. 

In response, Councilor Dave Rhodes asked whether the city could require that the additional exit be a right-turn only area to mitigate hazardous driving.

“My issue is, being able to make a left turn out of there … it’s blind, it’s on a curve, and I don’t know what the speed limit is, but I know what people do,” Rhodes said. “You have five lanes of traffic going across there and that’s a mess.”

City Attorney Patty Akers informed the council that, since the extension would be a dedicated city roadway, they could regulate some of the traffic rules there and did not have to depend on TxDOT.

“You do have authority over your own streets,” Akers said. “You could limit that to right in and right out only if you choose to do that.”

The Council approved the plat with the condition that the Panther Hollow Drive Extension be a right-turn only road for cars both entering and exiting. 

The second approved plat was for 24.78 acres of land north of Max Starcke Dam Road and just east of Gateway Parkway. The land will be used for a subdivision called Arrive Marble Falls, which will include both single-family and multi-family units. 

The land will be subdivided into 50 lots, two for multi-family residences. Five-foot concrete sidewalks as well as an 8-inch water and wastewater line will be added to subdivision land. 

Construction for the single-family residences should begin in 2023, whereas the multi-family homes will not be developed until 2025.

1 thought on “Plats approved for more new developments in Marble Falls

  1. What in the world are we going to do about the additional traffic that more housing will bring? We already have a major problem on 281 for residents.

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