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BEC Fiber broadband coming to Llano

BEC Fiber rural broadband

Bandera Electric Cooperative workers install fiber broadband cable lines. BEC is bringing fiber broadband to Llano by the spring of 2022. Courtesy photo

Bandera Electric Cooperative is bringing high-speed, 100-percent fiber broadband service to Llano as early as the spring of 2022, according to a co-op news release. Construction is expected to begin in January with fiber available as soon as April to roughly 2,000 residents. 

BEC Fiber will provide access to symmetrical upload and download speeds, unlimited data, free installation, and a mobile app for homes and businesses. No contract will be required for residential users. 

“A key component of BEC’s vision of ‘Reimagining America’ is the expansion of rural broadband,” said company CEO Bill Hetherington. “Broadband access is essential and provides the ability to work from home, access telemedicine and online education, and bolster communities to compete in a global marketplace.” 

BEC Fiber utilizes a fiber-to-home installation that runs from a central point directly to a residence or business, increasing connection speeds. The company offers a variety of plans with speeds starting at 100 megabytes per second (Mbps).

Llano residents are encouraged to fill out an interest form at to receive information on when the service is available and view plans and pricing. For more information, call the local BEC Fiber office at 325-216-9966.

Bandera Electric Cooperative has been providing fiber-optic services since 2017 and currently serves about 10,000 fiber subscribers in six counties in the Texas Hill Country.

4 thoughts on “BEC Fiber broadband coming to Llano

  1. It’s nice to see this Bandera Co-op taking care of their own.

    Oh wait, Bandera is 90 miles from Llano and they still don’t have fiber.

    What a joke.

  2. When will Marble Falls have this service out in Tobeyville area? We are in desperate need to have high speed internet in the rural areas as promised from current and past administrations!

  3. When will PEC be providing fiber broadband for its customers like BEC?

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