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Cottonwood Shores aims to be destination, not drive-through city


A ribbon cutting for NXTLVL Marine LBJ in Cottonwood Shores is Feb. 1. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

An upcoming ribbon cutting for a new marina and a fall completion date of a market and fuel center has Cottonwood Shores officials reassessing — and anticipating — economic development in their small municipality.  

The ribbon cutting for NXTLVL Marine LBJ, a boat dealership and repair shop, is Feb. 1 at its Cottonwood Shores location, 4011 FM 2147. And after building permits were issued Dec. 29 for TXB Market and Fuel Center, officials are aiming for a fall grand opening of a new store at 3702 FM 2147. 

“The face of Cottonwood Shores and (FM) 2147 will totally change,” City Administrator J.C. Hughes said. “We’re going to get involved in economic development (by) enticing businesses to come to Cottonwood Shores. We’re going to go after the kinds of businesses we want. We’re starting now with NXTLVL and the TXB.”

That means taking a hard look at the existing businesses already in the region and zeroing in on the types of retail shops that aren’t offered in the Highland Lakes, such as high-end cookware. 

“We want to go after destination-type businesses that attract people to unique stores to come here as a destination location,” Hughes said. “We’re not going to compete with local businesses. They’ll be unique in bringing in people who normally don’t come here.” 

New housing also remains a priority for officials, beginning with upgraded water and wastewater lines. The city recently issued $1.5 million in certificates of obligation to improve water and wastewater lines. Officials expect to call for bids by the end of January with construction to begin in March. 

Hughes and city leaders are focusing on their vision of a Cottonwood Shores where people will want to visit and stay awhile. 

“We’re starting to become a development destination with restaurants and our renovation of our parks,” Hughes said. “We’re becoming a destination rather than a drive-through.”

3 thoughts on “Cottonwood Shores aims to be destination, not drive-through city

  1. Cottonwood may consider starting with a donut shop. Since the one closed we have to go to MF for a donut on weekend AM. Best wishes in your improvement project. == les f

    1. The bridge will help Cottonwood a great deal making it easier to get there. Looking forward to seeing this come to pass.

      1. No Reed, Cottonwood Shores does NOT want the bridge, it will cause too much traffic, noise, damage the natural area and allow the lower income people from Granite Shoals and Kingsland to invade their space. They just want them to come do all the construction and hard work, then go home.

        Seams odd, that all that new construction traffic and out of towners won’t cause any of the things they said a bridge would cause.

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