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Save Lake LBJ hopping bus to LCRA meeting in protest of dredging ordinance

Save Lake LBJ

Members of Save Lake LBJ and their supporters are chartering a bus to the Lower Colorado River Authority board meeting Nov. 17 to protest commercial dredging in the Highland Lakes. File photo

In a last-ditch effort to oppose commercial dredging in the Highland Lakes, Save Lake LBJ is chartering a bus to take residents to the Lower Colorado River Authority’s Nov. 17 board meeting. During the meeting, which is 9:15 a.m. at LCRA headquarters, 3700 Lake Austin Blvd. in Austin, board members will vote on whether to adopt an ordinance that allows commercial dredging across the area. 

The bus is scheduled to leave at 7 a.m. that day from the Marble Falls Walmart parking lot, 2700 U.S. 281. Seats are $25 per person. To reserve one, email or call Save Lake LBJ representative Taylor Delz at 325-423-4073. 

Those traveling to the meeting are encouraged to wear solid white shirts to show unity in protest. 

Save Lake LBJ is an anti-dredging group that wants to preserve the lakes and local wildlife by preventing industrialization. It organized last year after Collier Materials announced plans to establish a sand dredging plant just west of the RM 2900 bridge and adjacent to the Comanche Rancheria subdivision in Kingsland. The application approval was delayed by the LCRA because the entity had no ordinance for commercial operations. 

Now, the LCRA board plans to vote on the Highland Lakes Dredge and Fill ordinance, a document establishing permit guidelines for three tiers of dredging activity. Tier III, which specifically addresses commercial dredging, is the portion Save Lake LBJ opposes. 

“We want them to eliminate Tier III altogether because we don’t want commercial permits at all,” said Sharon Moore, a Save Lake LBJ group member. “The last chance we have to speak our mind about it is the Nov. 17 board meeting. We felt like we really needed to make a show and get as many people as we could to go.”

Previously, the group submitted public comments to the LCRA, attended meetings, and collected about 48,000 signatures through a petition in opposition to commercial dredging.

Visit the Save Lake LBJ website or Facebook page for more information on the group and its efforts.

2 thoughts on “Save Lake LBJ hopping bus to LCRA meeting in protest of dredging ordinance

  1. This should be allowed, and should have happened 30 years ago. The depth of LBJ is getting less and less every year. The lake acts like a giant settlement pond, for Sandy Creek and the Llano River. People don’t realize there are only two types of material things in the world. Things that are mined, things that are raised, without either one, the human race wouldn’t exist. Mining companies have permits and must follow the terms of the permit. If mining companies are in violation of their existing permits they receive citations which can reach in the thousands of dollars. Mining campanies must harvest these minerals where God placed them. The up stream site of the proposed mining operation is a win win for every one, the LCRA, Lake Front Property Owners, Fishermen and boaters. If we take no action the lake will become a giant sand bar, with a river running thru it.

  2. This deal stinks of corruption and grime, under the table bribes. If your’re a longtime local, you would no want this
    misery coming here to stay for years running over cars. Get out and go away, Collier.

    You’re already a sound nuisance and you have the ugliest white eye-soar of a plant just sitting in the middle
    of a nice greenbelt, it’s disgusting. You’re tiny dust particles float all over town into people’s lungs.

    Move out of town, why don’t you? Sure would be nicer here all the way up to Granite Shoals.
    Hey I know, let’s run the rock plant through night and make it really noisy, genius rules whoever
    made that up.

    I hope they shoot it down but I smell corruption and $$$$$, environmental concerns no big deal.
    More smog from trucks, no big deal. Concerns from citizens who deal with it, no big deal.

    Shady, greedy people who do not care about there actions, just $$$$$ and rocks.

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