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Marble Falls ISD to offer employees additional COVID-19 leave days

Marble Falls ISD Assistant Superintendent Jeff Gasaway

Assistant Superintendent Jeff Gasaway presented the Marble Falls Independent School District Board of Trustees with a pandemic leave resolution during its meeting Monday, Oct. 18. The board unanimously adopted the resolution, which allows an additional 10 days of paid leave if related to contracting COVID-19. Facebook Live screen capture

Marble Falls Independent School District employees who contract COVID-19 now have access to 10 additional days of local paid leave. The school board approved a resolution granting the additional days during a meeting Monday, Oct. 18.  

“Our employees face challenging times with COVID,” Assistant Superintendent Jeff Gasaway said during the meeting. “Granting the 10 days of leave would demonstrate support of employees, enhance employee morale, support retention, and support health.” 

To qualify for the additional leave, employees must “present documentation showing that s/he has tested positive for COVID-19 and documentation from a medical provider,” the resolution reads. 

Currently, district employees are granted 10 days of paid leave, five of which are considered “local” and another five considered “state.” Unused days can accumulate throughout employment with the district, rolling over to the following year. Each additional day after is unpaid. 

To ease a possible financial burden caused by additional leave taken as a result COVID-19, the board had previously adopted a resolution allowing discounted days of leave, Gasaway explained.

“The resolution that we previously passed allowed employees to have access to up to 10 days of leave at the cost of a substitute if they’ve exhausted all leave,” he said. “So, if they’d run out because of COVID, instead of getting docked, say, $200 a day, if that was their daily rate, it would only be at a rate of $85 or $95, depending on what kind of sub they need.”  

The newly adopted resolution, which was presented briefly during a Sept. 8 special meeting, is retroactively effective and will be applicable to COVID-19-related leave since July 1 of this year, Gasaway said. Since July 1, 78 district employees have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and only one employee has exhausted all of the paid leave available to them.

2 thoughts on “Marble Falls ISD to offer employees additional COVID-19 leave days

  1. I don’t think you really want anyone testing positive for having covid to be in a classroom teaching any child or around any adults for that matter. Plus when your sick with this virus you literally can’t get up to go to work no matter what type of job you do. So it has nothing to do with being a wimp as you say in my opinion. I know many that have contracted this virus and they aren’t wimps by any means but this virus did take them down and took some down harder than it did with others.


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