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Sanctuary cats model for Living Love Animal Rescue fundraiser T-shirts

Living Love Animal Rescue t-shirt fundraiser

One of the fundraiser shirts sold by Living Love Animal Rescue features four of the organization’s sanctuary cats and gives a nod to the famous rock band KISS. Shirts are available on the organization’s Bonfire website. RIGHT: Featured on the organization’s 'Freckles Stardust' shirt, Freckles is a sanctuary cat at Living Love Animal Rescue in Marble Falls. Buy his T-shirt to help raise money to take care of him and other sanctuary animals. Courtesy images

Four sanctuary cats from Living Love Animal Rescue in Marble Falls were models for the newest fundraiser T-shirts, which features them in KISS face paint. (No animals were harmed in this process — it was all done by computer!) 

The “HISS Shirt” is one of three new designs featuring puns on bands from the 1970s. The others available for purchase give nods to David Bowie’s song “Ziggy Stardust” and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album. 

“They’re just really fun,” said Shari Finch, board member and advertising manager. “The idea is to raise money that goes to the care of each featured sanctuary cat.” 

Shirts are available for purchase on the organization’s Bonfire store. Bonfire is a print-on-demand service. Prices vary per design and shirt type. 

Living Love Animal Rescue is a no-kill animal shelter dedicated to finding homes for abused, abandoned, and homeless animals in the Highland Lakes. The shelter is located on nine acres of land just west of Marble Falls. 

In addition to finding foster and adoptive homes for each animal, the organization keeps some of the high-maintenance cats, making them “sanctuary animals,” Finch said. 

“Usually, the cat has an ailment of some kind,” she continued. “It could be a terminal condition, but not necessarily. Maybe the cat is blind or only has three legs. If they demand extra care that many foster and adoptive families may not be able to provide, we try to step in where we can.”

To cover care costs, the organization is selling the three shirts. For more information or to get involved, visit the Living Love Animal Rescue website or Facebook page