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Free little libraries going up in Horseshoe Bay

Free little libraries going up in Horseshoe Bay

Volunteers David Flanagan (left), Dana Rushing, Mickey Turrentine, Brenda Smith, Teri Flanagan, Ravelle Kundinger, and Linda Burling installed a free little library at Fox Hollow Park in Horseshoe Bay. Courtesy photo

Three new free little libraries in Horseshoe Bay are bringing people together in ways the volunteer builders didn’t expect.

As the volunteers placed the first small book box at Fox Hollow Park, 1400 Bowie Knife, resident Mickey Turrentine walked over to see what was happening. He ended up helping install the tiny library, which holds 25 books.

“It was a team effort to finish it off,” Turrentine said. “They were trying to get sand in it. I made a big funnel and came back and loaded (the stem) with sand and saddled it up. We all took pictures and left. I went back the next morning and the plastic had given away, so I covered the base in rocks. I used my imagination and expertise.”

Turrentine credited his mother-in-law, a retired school teacher who died almost a decade ago, for his involvement and was happy books are now within walking distance of children. As they were working, two girls, ages 8 and 10, watched, expressing excitement over this added access to books, Turrentine said. Volunteer Teri Flanagan said the library is in good hands. 

“Mickey will take it over and maintain it,” she said.

People across Burnet County are contacting the volunteers asking for one in their own neighborhoods. 

“We all had such a good time doing this,” Flanagan said. “It’s almost like this project was wanted for us to do because it inspired us to be hopeful again. People said, ‘What a great idea.’ And they started looking at what they can do.”

Flanagan’s husband, David, is building a little library out of wood donated by Ace Hardware that will be placed at the Horseshoe Bay Police Department. City of Horseshoe Bay workers will dig the hole for the structure. The third box awaits approval for installation at Quail Point. 

“This is the first time in a few years (we’ve seen) this kind of enthusiasm and excitement and community spirit,” Flanagan said. “It’s been great.”