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Cottonwood Shores Police Department dog kennels

Cottonwood Shores Police Chief Johnny Liendo shows off the new dog kennels at the police station, 3915 Cottonwood Drive. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

A new kennel big enough for two dogs is ready for use at the Cottonwood Shores Police Department, 3915 Cottonwood Drive.

“We hope we don’t have to put animals in here,” Police Chief Johnny Liendo said. “But if we have to, we want them to have the comfort they deserve. I’m real proud (of the kennel).”

Costing $5,500 to build, the kennel has two rooms with two doors on each end and a porch. A fenced area lets dogs get some sunshine if they want. The rooms have lights, a fan, and a heater. Drains tied into the city’s wastewater system allow officers to spray wash the kennels.

When the department picks up stray dogs, it usually keeps them an average of five to seven days for adoption.

“But I’ve had some as long as two weeks to try to get them adopted,” Liendo said. “We also keep looking for foster (parents).”

If a dog still hasn’t been claimed by its owner or adopted, it’s taken to the Hill Country Humane Society in Buchanan Dam. The city has an annual $1,500 contract with the facility.

“I don’t want to take any of them over there if at all possible,” Liendo said. “In Cottonwood Shores, we have individuals who volunteer as fosters as we are in the process of finding permanent homes.” 

Liendo said he and his officers make it point to work with dog owners whose pets escape or run loose, and they rarely see repeat offenders.

“There are certain dogs that continue to get out, but once they see the police cars, they run home,” he said. “When it comes to the owners, we try to give warnings before citations.”