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The Burnet Consolidated Independent School District is closing all campuses to students on Tuesday-Wednesday, Sept. 7-8, due to COVID-19.

“As you are aware, COVID-19 cases have continued to spike in Burnet County. In addition to low attendance rates at all campuses, we are experiencing a large number of staff absences” the district posted on its social media page and its website at about 3 p.m. Monday, Sept. 6. “These (staff) absences interfere with safe operations and student supervision as well as challenges for sick or quarantined students to keep pace with makeup work.”

The closures include the suspension of all extracurricular events and practices on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The district’s custodial staff will conduct deep cleanings on Tuesday and Wednesday at all campuses. Instructional staff who are able to be on campus will help with student makeup work plans.

District administration plans to ask the BCISD Board of Trustees to change the instructional calendar so Sept. 27 and Oct. 11 become student class days instead of staff development days to avoid making up two days during a holiday or summer break.

Staff who are on campus Tuesday and Wednesday will also work on plans to accommodate the change to the instructional calendar.

“We recognize the difficulty and hardship this creates for many families. Our hope is that by being intentional with these two days, we can make plans to reopen with adequate student supervision across all campuses,” district officials stated in the media release. “One action that would help us tremendously to plan in advance is for families to complete the COVID Self-Reporting Form as early as possible so that we have the information to act as proactively as we can.”

Visit the district’s COVID-19 information page for more information on BCISD’s plan during the pandemic or for additional resources, including campus and district case numbers.

8 thoughts on “All BCISD campuses closed Sept. 7-8

  1. Everyone should just think back how much SNOT we produced as a child. Do you really think this is a good option for children to be wearing a mask all day. I promise you they are just a bacteria caring option to an already bad virus. And I definitely would not give my child a vaccine that truly has no science to back up LONG TERM effects. I think any home that has a parent, mature adult, grandparent’s etc.. at home, should consider homeschooling them. You could get together with other families and swap off different schedules and Academic’s required for your child. There is no law against homeschooling or sharing in this program as far as I know. We HAVE TO KEEP OUR CHILDREN/GRANDCHILDREN SAFE!!!! This is a very difficult time we are living in, and to the little ones, it’s a very confusing time. They don’t always understand why they can’t play outside with their friends, or continue in the sports they love. And the outcome is the children are whipping through their school work with online teaching, and then sitting on computers playing games all day while the parents are trying their best to provide a living for their children. It’s a VICIOUS circle, but I am sure there is a solution that will work, short-term or long-term if need be. I personally have no children in school, but I do have several grandchildren that are in school.

      1. Judy, how exactly is she misinformed? Please answer me that. It seems to me that she is looking out for the kids in the community with her post. Bottom line: Covid is real. Kids are affected in numerous ways. The larger community is affected in numerous ways. Many people get sick enough that schools need classrooms, grades, or campuses to quarantine and/or close for a bit. How is this not a problem? And given that many folks refuse to believe that Covid is real or else don’t want to contribute to any viable solution that may or may not impose on their precious “liberties”, people need to decide what’s best. I personally have withdrawn our kids from school and am homeschooling them for now since they are not old enough to receive the vaccine at this time. I had to quit my part-time job to do so, but fortunately my husband’s job is sufficient for our family’s needs. That’s not the case for many families who have no other option. Please be considerate of the needs of others and not only yourself.

  2. Susan, you just don’t get the science or reality of the situation.
    Try virtual classes again maybe vs Child Russian Roulette? We have options
    but this county refuses to go against our joke of a governor. It’s pretty sad
    politics come before science, just watch the news or read, oh it’s no big deal we have 2 ICU’s left!
    Our state has become the laughingstock of the world now, it’s a sad state of affairs.
    Come on McConaughey, anyone else, Beto, Tom Hanks, Dwayne Rock Johnson, beat Abbott!!

    1. You misunderstood my comment. Sarcasm is difficult to convey in text form. Believe me, I’m with you 100%.

  3. We saw this coming. The county is basically feeding our children to the wolves.
    Irresponsible staff and teachers not following rules or getting vacc’d.
    This is a joke, non-vaccer’s need to come back to earth. I can’t wait until
    Biden makes it a federal mandate. Get in line non Vaccer’s, your time is coming!!

    Our vacc rates are an embarrassment to the world right now.
    Total disgrace, enjoy your mask “freedom” around our 12 and under
    kids you might get sick from your awful, non science based decisions.

  4. Because closing campuses is less inconvenient than folks wearing a mask. Obviously.

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