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Marble Falls EDC funds Johnson Park upgrades through community grant

Marble Falls Johnson Park ballfield

A new safety net and scoreboard will be added to the Johnson Park ballfield, 230 Avenue J in Marble Falls. The Marble Falls Economic Development Corp. granted $53,481 in grant money to help fund Parks and Recreation Department improvement projects during its Sept. 1 meeting. Staff photo

Improvements are coming to facilities at Johnson Park, 230 Avenue J. The Marble Falls Economic Development Corp. awarded $53,481 in Community Leverage Program grant money to the Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Department for upgrades during its Sept. 1 meeting. 

“I (am) in complete support of the action,” said EDC Director and Marble Falls Mayor Richard Westerman during the meeting. “That park has been neglected for a very, very long time.” 

The Community Leverage Program provides financial assistance for community enhancement projects, such as the city’s hike-and-bike trail system. The EDC allocates $100,000 to the program annually. At the time of the Sept. 1 meeting, the last regularly scheduled meeting for the 2020-21 fiscal year, $37,235 of the fund had been distributed.

The Parks and Recreation Department will use grant funding toward: 

  • purchasing a safety net and replacing the scoreboard at the Johnson Park ballfield;
  • installing two shade coverings over the Westside Park basketball court bleachers;
  • installing a gaga ball pit structure in Johnson Park;
  • placing wayfinding and interactive signs at city parks;
  • and purchasing two snow blowers and renting two bumper cars to be used at the holiday ice skating rink in Lakeside Park.

An additional $45,000 from the city’s general fund budget will be allocated toward parks projects throughout the upcoming year, said Recreation Coordinator Daulton Mobley.

EDC directors on Wednesday had planned to discuss and take action on purchase, lease, and management agreements for the planned hotel and conference center. However, the discussion was moved to executive session. The board plans to discuss the topic openly at a special meeting sometime in mid- to late September, EDC Executive Director Christian Fletcher confirmed in a statement.

2 thoughts on “Marble Falls EDC funds Johnson Park upgrades through community grant

  1. Yeah, maybe Getitright
    But I was involved in the MFSA in my younger days played for over 30 years, enjoyed every minute if it. I’m sure the MFP&R will do a super fine job of maintaining that new scoreboard, shoot back then, it was great having a working scoreboard. We even helped out in maintaining the field, upkeeping the scoreboard, (we kept wasp/hornet spray in stock), PEC changed out our lights, everyone had a hand in on this. I enjoyed looking up at the scoreboard especially in real tight games, we had lots of great competition back then. These ballers deserve a new scoreboard, I remember the excitement when we got our new scoreboard back in the day, dirt daubers, wasps nest and all.

  2. Yes, the park is in need of update, but investing money on an electronic score board is a waste of good money. Check the area public ball fields and see how many have a working score board (Burnet YMCA, Taylor, Dripping Springs, Settlers Park). Anything other than an od fashion manual score board will be sitting outside the fence with dirt dauber and wasp nests in it.

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