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BCISD closing campus; MFISD closing campus and classrooms

RJ Richey Elementary School in Burnet

Burnet Consolidated Independent School District officials announced they are closing R.J. Richey Elementary School on Friday, Sept. 3, due to the number of staff possibly absent. Courtesy photo

Burnet and Marble Falls school district officials announced four temporary closures, including two elementary schools, due to COVID-19 cases.

Burnet Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Keith McBurnett sent an email to staff informing them that the district was closing R.J. Richey Elementary School in Burnet on Friday, Sept. 3.

“Over the past two weeks, the R.J. Richey school community has been especially hard-hit with COVID-related quarantines. The percentage of active cases on COVID-positive staff and students is the highest of all other BCISD campuses and has continued to climb today (Thursday, Sept. 2),” he stated. “In addition, over 20 percent of the R.J. Richey staff are anticipated to be absent tomorrow.”

McBurnett pointed out that the decision was based on “an inability to safely and efficiently operate the campus.” 

Marble Falls ISD Superintendent Chris Allen informed Highland Lakes Elementary School families that the district is closing the Granite Shoals campus starting Tuesday, Sept. 7, with plans to resume classes Monday, Sept. 13. 

“This closure is due to the number of active COVID cases among HLES students,” he stated in a letter to parents.

The campus also closed Aug. 27 due to cases.

MFISD updated its COVID-19 dashboard to include individual class and campus closures. On Thursday, the district posted that one Marble Falls Elementary School fourth-grade classroom and one Colt Elementary fifth-grade classroom would be closed Friday, Sept. 3, and Tuesday, Sept. 7. The district has Monday, Sept. 6, off for Labor Day.

Both classes are expected to resume Wednesday, Sept. 8.

“A parent who has a student that attends a campus or classroom that needs to close will receive notification of such from the campus leadership and should expect on-going communication from the student’s teacher(s),” the district posted on its social media pages.

At R.J. Richey Elementary, several of the “currently-quarantined staff members are eligible to return to campus following the weekend, which we believe will allow operations to resume next week,” McBurnett stated.

He acknowledged the difficulty that closing a campus, even if it’s just for one day, puts on families.

BCISD updates its COVID-19 dashboard with districtwide case counts on a regular basis.

“We will continue monitoring case counts, close-contact numbers, and student absences at all BCISD campuses, including R.J. Richey,” McBurnett added in the email. “Based on our current data, other campuses will remain open as scheduled.”

3 thoughts on “BCISD closing campus; MFISD closing campus and classrooms

    It won’t hurt you. I know because I wear one in public and I have COPD and I’m also on oxygen.
    Get “the jab” as the anti-vacs call it. It won’t kill you. I know because I wouldn’t be typing if it did.

  2. We need to do better – vaccinations, masking, social distancing, no gathering in crowds, especially with the upcoming holiday weekend.
    This necessary closing of schools is not at all surprising, considering the lack of precautions along with the continuing rise of COVID virus transmission in our county since late June/early July. We had only 40+ active cases near the end of June. Today we have 553 active cases, more than 12x what we had then. You can see the daily data at:
    And our Burnet County transmission rate continues at the highest rating in the US, where we have stayed for the past many weeks. See the data here:

  3. All this and people are still arguing about masks? You folks just don’t get it, so you?!

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