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Highland Lakes Elementary School in Granite Shoals will close temporarily through at least Friday, Aug. 27, because of the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on campus. The district plans to reopen the school Monday, Aug. 30. 

“We are doing that because of the number of COVID cases that have affected our staff that have made it difficult to operate that building,” said Dr. Chris Allen, superintendent of the Marble Falls Independent School District. “We have also seen cases with students that have influenced us to make this decision to help mitigate (the health issue).” 

Highland Lakes Elementary, 8200 RR 1431 in Granite Shoals, had 22 confirmed cases as of Aug. 24, which is the highest number at any one campus within the district. Cases include infected students and campus staff from numerous departments, which has hampered the ability to safely provide education and services, Allen explained. 

“We have a number of staff that should be able to come off quarantine if their health allows on Monday,” Allen said. “We’ll be monitoring that as well as the continued health situation on campus. Our intent is to shut school down for two days to tamp this down before it becomes an issue that could affect the entire district.” 

Updates on the number of cases at each of the district’s school can be found on the MFISD COVID-19 dashboard.

District administration sought guidance from both the Burnet County Local Health Authority and the Texas Department of State Health Services before making the decision. 

Students are being sent home with “enriching activities” to complete during the temporary closure, according to a letter to campus parents. Parents can email their student’s teacher or contact the campus at 830-798-3650 if their child needs assistance in completing the work. 

Curbside breakfast and lunch pickup will be provided at the campus from 7:15-8:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. respectively. Those in need of food delivery services for their students may contact the Highland Lakes Crisis Network at 325-423-3662.

4 thoughts on “Highland Lakes Elementary temporarily closes due to COVID-19 cases

  1. For all of you who refuse the vaccine, thank you. I get to miss work to have by child home since he cannot attend school because of rising cases. I get paid by the hour. This is not okay people! Please get vaccinated. Please wear a mask. It’s about more than you and your preferences!

    1. @B
      I’m sorry you’re having to deal with your child missing school and you missing work. Both are important. You’re right, this whole thing is not okay. What can we do about it? Pray.
      Pray for our families, our community, our county, our state, our nation, our continent, our world. Multitudes are hurting due to the decisions of a few.

    1. Vaccinated people are getting it so what good is the vaccine if it’s not protecting you from anything??Not everyone wants to be a dummy for humans or an experiment for the FDA or the government. Worry about you that’s who you need to concern yourself with. If your vaccinated then your safe right?? Wrong!!

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