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The in-person instruction and continuity of service plan for Burnet Consolidated Independent School District was updated Aug. 9 to reflect the latest in state rules as well as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and federal guidance that doesn’t conflict with Texas edicts. 

Gov. Greg Abbott signed an executive order July 29 stating that government entities and school districts cannot require face coverings or COVID-19 vaccinations. On Aug. 10, Marble Falls Independent School District trustees approved a similar plan along with a resolution urging visitors to campus to mask up.

The BCISD plan is now in effect as teachers prepare for students to return to campus for the first day of school Wednesday, Aug. 18. 

As part of the updated plan, BCISD will not require face coverings for anyone on the district’s property. Face coverings, however, are still allowed, just optional. 

While BCISD “is not authorized to perform contact tracing,” the district will follow steps for any staff member or student who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

A student or staff member with a positive COVID-19 test result cannot be on campus or attend BCISD events. If symptomatic, the person must remain off campus or away from events for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms. The individual must also be fever free — below 100 degrees — for at least 24 hours.

Those who test positive but don’t show any symptoms of the disease must remain away from campus or school events for at least 10 days following the positive test. 

During those days a student is absent due to COVID-19, either due to a positive test or a parent decides to keep a child home because of close contact, the student’s campus will help with makeup work.

The district will notify families and staff at a campus or assigned bus if someone at the facility or on the bus has reported a lab-confirmed COVID-19 case. BCISD will also contact the state and the local county health authority.

While BCISD does not offer testing services at this time, officials still expect students and staff to self-screen themselves prior to arriving at school or district facilities. If a person has symptoms of COVID-19 or another contagious disease, then they should stay home.

The district is continuing to stress the importance of regular hand washing as well as covering coughs and sneezes. Staff will clean classrooms and common areas on a daily basis.

Where possible, physical distancing will be practiced as needed, but the district isn’t planning modifications to promote distancing at this time.

The district will revisit the plan at least every six months and give the public a chance to provide feedback. 

Parents, staff, students, and community members can review the complete in-person instruction and continuity of services plan online.

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  1. So glad my kids are grown. I would have to face getting fined/arrested by keeping them alive and out of school.

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